I’m still here…. really. Just not taking a single solitary picture these last few days. I mean, how much painting of trim and scrubbing of little fingerprints from walls can I really share in this place? You know?

So uhm. I should tell you that I probably won’t be here quite as often in the next week or two. Due to the painting and scrubbing…. and painting. Who knew it would be so hard to attempt sewing for the shop, helping the man get this house ready to sell, and homeschooling. Not me. Well, I didn’t. Now I know it’s down right insane. Truly ridiculous. But that’s life sometimes, right?

But the good news? The sun is out. Hello Sunshine. It’s glorious folks. My backyard is like a wet sponge from all that rain, but I feel like running through the yard singing something out of Sound of Music anyway… the swamp is alive, with the sound of music…..

But seriously, back to the painting. And scrubbing.

I leave with you this… before & after of the laundry room…. we’re getting there. Slowly but surely.





new paint, tile & solid wood door~


See you soon.



12 thoughts on “painting…..

  1. Well, you know that I know EXACTLY what you are going through. I would love to say it gets better…but really, after you put the sign in the yard, it’s just a new kind of hell. THEN, when you sell, you take a big sigh of relief…you DID it. Since you are like my husband and I, you aren’t going to buy a shiny clean new house with no work to be done, so you get to start it all over again on the flip side. Love you!!! LOL


  2. I know! I'm making master plans for quick clean ups and escapes involving 3+ children, two dogs, a cat + a littler box. It's going to be something else! And still no orders for Joe…… *deep breath in, out* all will be well in time….


  3. It's so fresh and clean right? I love it too. Joe picked it out! And thank you….. I hope things come together well too…. I feel like we're beginning to get on the done side of the to do list, if you know what I mean.


  4. I know exactly what you mean… We rented our last house, so all we had to do when we moved out was clean. But the house before that was house we'd bought as a fixer-upper, and you never get as much fixing-up done once you have kids… We had a few months' lead time before we moved & had a *huge* to-do list. It was such a relief when we got to the point when we'd finished more than we had yet to do. Good luck – I can't wait to see how it all turns out! xo


  5. OK – OK – I give up, what did you do with the ironing board? Or have you gone to “open-dryer-shake-and-wear-with-teeny-wrinkles” lifestyle?
    Love the green – no one mentioned but I will – LOVE the new washer and dryer!


  6. We actually got a really, really good deal on the washer & dryer because they were blue! I love them. They are so efficient & they washed cloth diapers beautifully when we first moved here. The ironing board stays in our walk in closet because I use it mostly for sewing…. and my sewing corner is in our bedroom. I must admit, other than special occasions, we are open-dryer-shake-and-wear-with-tiny-wrinkles folks for sure 🙂


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