it’s still raining + some link love



Speaking of buckets…..

The youngest two (who are always, always up to no good) decided to use a plastic tote as a small ship….


it's still raining....... + some link love


it's still raining....... + some link love


it's still raining....... + some link love


it's still raining....... + some link love


They also made a hilarious failed attempt at using the lid for a raft. Jade and I stood under the carport and laughed as their ship lurched dramatically with even the slightest movement, spilling them into the water again, and again. It was good fun none the less…. even with two sopping wet piles of clothes & boots to show for the adventure. The best part of all was Luke at dinner telling Joe, "well we tried to sail to an island, but it didn't work out so good." (I'm secretly glad they couldn't go far on this voyage.)

More of what you saw yesterday ensued today. Sewing, working, etc. My goal is to get the kitchen cabinets completely finished this weekend and Joe is nearly finished with our bathroom.

On another note, there was no shortage of inspiring bits around the web. Here are a few for you to explore……

DIY chai concentrate. Yum.

A very good reason why I should become a woodworker someday….

Some etsy art love…. foxy and stars (the star quote is so perfect, I love it!)

Erin with an inspiring bit for the new year….. make it happen.

A year ago this month…..

And most important of all. THIS. Because all you mamas rock. Really, really.


Have a wonderful weekend friends….



ps ~ there is an epic sale in the shop starting tomorrow and running for the whole week…. lots of beautifully made goods for 20% off! you can see a sneak peek of the items here.

13 thoughts on “it’s still raining + some link love

  1. Love the foxie & stars print links – so cute! Reminds me of My Mom! She loved Carl Sagan, and we had a print on the wall that had a quote from him about us all being made of star stuff. Sigh. Might need to find that next time I go out. Pics of the kids are so funny. 😀


  2. When Sophie was born I painted a quote above her crib….. "a star danced, and under that I was born" {or something very close} I think maybe it was Shakespeare? I loved it…. I made Joe paint over it when we left the cape. I didn't want to do it….


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