memory lane + friday links…..

I've moved on to my next house project. Kitchen cabinets. Scrub, de-gloss, touch up with stain, two coats of poly. It's kind of an unglamorous-sticky-stinky-job…. but gosh do they look beautiful afterwards. Not new…. but certainly better. I'll have photos to share next week. I'm trying to keep this little space from becoming a home renovation blog over the next month…. but that's what we're doing. Everyday. I'll be sneaking in some sewing this weekend though…. even if it means making a pot of coffee after dinner and working into the wee hours!

I've been feeling awfully nostalgic these last few days. I do this every time we move. Only slightly unrelated, my oldest came to me and said, Mom, my ipod alarm just went off. I forgot I set it when we first moved here to go off on January 1st 2013. It seemed like it was forever and now it's here. Yes, here it is. It always seems like three or four years is such a long time to be somewhere and it always passes by so quickly. I looked back through photos of the last four years, the house when we moved in, and the spring we were leaving Wisconsin. I found this…. and I just had to share it with you.


friday links.....

four years ago…..

So much and so little time all wrapped into one. Do you so those cheeks? That grin? He loved that lawn mower. He called it his tractor. My heart melted into a puddle when I found this…. love, love, love.

Before I get too carried away on this sappy road trip down memory lane…. I better reel myself in. There are cabinets waiting for me in the kitchen and a second cup of coffee to be had.

Oh yes, and a few links for you….

Speaking of sappy, this piece played the music to my heart. It's a must read, especially if you've got teenagers.

I pre-ordered my copy of this ~ I can't wait for it to arrive in my mailbox.

I want 2013 to be my year of quilts. This pattern looks like a good start.

With a little Anna goodness, perhaps?

We love monster books, yes we do…..

Something yummy.

And, just for fun, something from last January. (look at that chard!)


Have a lovely weekend~



24 thoughts on “memory lane + friday links…..

  1. That article made me cry. We’re only in Kindergarten and Preschool here, and I’m already terrified they’re leaving….. Or that they’ll never leave, not sure which.


  2. The first link!!! Oh! Tears! Soooo glad you shared it! Her blog is great, wonderful ideas for r + w.
    Can’t believe Sam’s ipod alert! You’re killing me! This brings back memories of being his age + moving… Again! Except I think there is more comfort in knowing. Ya know? Your kids know. There’s security it that. I just remember coming home from school + finding out. I wish I could have had an alarm, to keep me prepared, less traumatized.
    Loved you post, can’t wait to see all of the work you guys are doing! Xo, a


  3. Im very curious to see your before and after pics of your cabinets. My hubby wants to do the same thing to ours but i get so nervous when he has these projects in mind. LOL!!! As i said before.. He googles everything. ::sigh::


  4. Four years so much can happen in 4 years. Every time I look at S who is 3 now I think about 4 years ago and how she wasn’t here yet. I was a completely different person 4 years ago.
    Way to rock it with the house renovations!! Happy Weekend.


  5. Oh Stephinie – I read that story too – about the teenage son home from college. I was a crying mess by the end, as my firstborn is home just for another day or 2 before he goes back to college. My head knows it’s all good, by I can’t convince my mama’s heart sometimes. I miss the smell of him when he goes away – and everything else about him. It’s bittersweet what we mama’s have to go through with our babies.


  6. What a cute book! Yes, I'm noticing more about this space we call home. Trying to soak in as many memories as my heart can hold…. mostly so when the kids ask about what it was like to live here I can remember as much as possible. Good luck with your move too!


  7. I am smitten. Snatched it up during a sale early last month. I'm thinking of pairing it with a soft gray & doing a stacked coin style quilt for my oldest girl. You know, between house painting and reno projects šŸ™‚


  8. The cabinets are proving to be a much slower job. I'm *hoping* to have them finished by next week. Then I have a date with a box of magic erasers and the trim throughout the house. Probably a little paint too šŸ˜‰


  9. I couldn't believe Sam either. The best part was that he never told me. He got his ipod as a 13th birthday gift and set it that fall. Crazy right? I often second guess this lifestyle of ours. The moving and changing and uprooting. I can't tell you what it means that you see security in how we roll…. I try so very hard for that. Much love~ s


  10. Me too! A little piece of your heart will be forever walking around, you know? I read somewhere something a mother wrote. She said motherhood was the most beautiful and tragic thing that ever happened to her heart. I didn't get it at the time, my kids were still young. But now? Now I understand those words as if I had written them myself. xo~


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