Yesterday was my first day “off” since Christmas. We moved the washer and dryer back into the freshly tiled & painted laundry room, but that’s it. Joe headed out to help a friend move to their new place, and all the big kids headed out to see their friends. This left just me and the little guy home alone all day.

I caught up on a week’s worth of laundry and worked on getting some things put back where they belonged. Every time I stepped into the laundry room I felt pretty good walking on that freshly tiled floor, my very first tile job. Joe certainly offered guidance and he did cut the tiles, but I laid the whole floor & grouted it. Woo-hoo, right? I kind of want a t-shirt that says : I make good cookies and I can tile a floor.






Renovating is messy, messy business. At one point during last weekend, I was painting the laundry room and the oldest was carefully packing the Christmas ornaments away, and I looked at our living room and realized it looked like a tornado had gone through. Needless to say he thought I was crazy when I stood on a stool to photograph the moment. But you know, you should really see this…. 






It’s going slow, but there is definitely progress. But, back to the cookies…….




It rained all day yesterday. Poured really. It was the perfect quiet rainy day to play a few games of Harvest with the little guy, cut out some fresh aprons, and bake some amazing cookies. In fact, he helped me in the kitchen throughout the day as we made a traditional New Years Day spread. Hoppin John with collard greens and corn bread (spoon bread from this book). All of which was delicious and sure to bring us the best of luck in 2013.

Of course, if you asked, the little one will tell you the best part was dessert.

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies~

As I nibble one with my coffee, I think I might agree.


18 thoughts on “progress….

  1. Way to go mama! I think you should have a shirt printed. I would want one. I recently disassembled the sink plumbing to fish out crown my hubby lost while brushing his teeth. I felt pretty awesome after that. mmmm cookies


  2. The floor looks awesome. And your eldest looks like a grown man. Holy cow!!
    I want to do some tiling myself. But i want to rip out the tub in our downstairs bath and tile in a stand up shower. Guess it helps having someone in the house who KNOWS how to tile. My hubby knows how to google things. LOL


  3. I am lucky to have a handy guy, for sure. I'm looking forward to doing a huge before & after post of the house when we get it ready to put on the market next month… all done by Joe. He's amazing, for sure πŸ™‚ And it saves so much money!


  4. I do remember that! Those are a lot of pieces though! These tiles are huge & went so quickly. Plus they came from our friend's shed when they moved last month, so the tile & grout were free! We only paid for the paint and cement to lay them down. Under $50 remodel! Woo-hoo πŸ™‚


  5. GREAT JOB on the floor – and the cookies look delish – can you give the recipe? PLEASE? I can’t afford to buy the book but really, really want to try the cookies. Have a bag of the chips, the oatmeal and a jar of natural peanut butter – please help put them all together into those amazing cookies…


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