a very, very late friday post……

I'm sitting here sipping one of Joe's homebrews. After an all day priming and painting adventure in the master bathroom….. this is by far the best beer ever. Also, painting must be a good work out…. I definitely used muscles that I don't usually use while cooking, cleaning, knitting, sewing… ahem.

As much as I would love to tell you we'd been lingering in the holiday magic these last few days…. it just isn't so. Joe has a few "free" days off during the holidays and we're using every bit of it to get the bathroom finished up as soon as we can. We jumped in the day after Christmas and have worked all day long since. We're immensely thankful that the youngest kids got lots of legos as gifts which has kept them occupied and playing together well the past three days. (thank you Grandma!)

I can hardly beleive we're just a few weeks from putting our house up for sale. Not because the time has gone by so quickly…. but because we have a lot of work to do! But, back to the bathroom. Having two toilets to share between six people is an amazing luxury. One which we are missing very much right now. So after the April Thicket paint dries…. Joe will be laying down tile, and soon after that the toilet that is currently on our patio will be back in its proper place. (look behind Luke in the second photo, right-hand side) Also, we had to tell the little man at least three times that it would absolutely not be funny in any way to use the toilet on the patio. Don't laugh! It would really not be funny. Okay… maybe later as a good story… but don't tell him that!

A few snapshots from the week….


a very, very late friday post......


a very, very late friday post......


a very, very late friday post......


a very, very late friday post......


a very, very late friday post......


a very, very late friday post......


Cat's have it so good, don't they? He just lays in the sun all day. I walk by with a paint brush in hand and hair that hasn't been washed since yesterday and I still stop to scratch his belly. It's ridiculous.


Before I get back to finishing dinner, I have a few links for you……

I made these for dinner tonight. Tossing them with roasted sweet potatoes & kale, gluten free penne pasta, pesto & grated parmesan. Delicious.

I gifted myself with this. Hello 12 months of quilt blocks. I'll be sharing them here, for sure!

The Lumineers have been keeping me company while I paint…. four dollars well spent.

If you haven't "liked" Gypsy Forest Handmade on facebook….. join us. I talk about shop stuff…. share blog posts…. and other random bits. Like links to food and stuff. C'mon, it's fun! Swing on over.

As a glass half full kind of girl, I love Rachel's thoughts on skimming the cream.

I'll be back here more often next week…. hopefully with some beautiful bathroom pictures to share!

Happy weekending to you….




ps ~ if you're new here from a happy stitch or rhythm of the home, welcome!


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