ginger beer in your kitchen

Firstly, you all seriosuly rock with your sweet words and loads of info on Providence. I can't thank you enough. Please, do keep those emails coming. We're loving reading up from locals and people who have spent some time in the area!

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Often when friends visit, they open a random cupboard to find a jar of mysterious looking liquid. 

"Uhm, what is this?" they'll ask… usually with a concerned tone. They were just looking for the coffee or salt and instead stumbled upon bubbling floaties in a jar.

I usually want to tell them that it's magic potion. But I don't. "Kefir, kombucha, ginger beer," I say. Then I go on with bubbling excitement to share the benefits and science behind making these fermented drinks. Probiotics and B Vitamins, Hello Super Foods! I guess they're sort of like magic potion after all. Some friends think I'm a little nutty…. but they still love me. Others get a sparkle in their eyes and say TEACH ME! 

First, you need grains…..


ginger beer in your kitchen


If you're really lucky, you'll score some freebies from a friend. If not, the BEST place I've ordered from is here. (those are my ginger beer grains above)

Ginger beer is the newest drink in the house… and we love it! It's simpler than kombucha, but more complicated than milk kefir. Basically you sweeten mineral rich water with sugar, add ginger, and wait a few days. The biggest trick for me is the water. I have to buy natural spring water by the gallon for our ginger beer, because we drink reverse osmosis (filtered) in the house. Ginger beer must have mineral rich water and no chlorine to thrive. To make it bubbly and a bit less sweet you can do a second ferment in a flip top bottle when you strain the ginger and grains from the liquid. I add grated ginger to the second ferment because we love ours super ginger-y here. You can read the history of ginger beer here. Your friend that shares grains or the place you purchase them from will give you exact details on making kefir, ginger beer, kombuch, etc. It's really easier than you think…. and so affordable too.


ginger beer in your kitchen


ginger beer in your kitchen


Slightly bubbly, with a sweet-tangy-spicy note. Delicious. (our kids love it too!)

Drinking a variety of cultured or fermented beverages/foods gives you a variety of health benefits! Homemade types are far more potent than their grocery store counterparts, and they offer a much wider variety of probiotics to nourish you. We're talking yogurt to the 100th power people! Really. Did you know our bodies have over four pounds of bacteria? They need nourishment to keep our immune and digestive systems strong and healthy…. sometimes people even refer to bacteria as the forgotten organ.

From Yemoos "Your internal microflora support proper digestion, synthesis of vitamins and minerals, and your immune system by warding off foreign and harmful bacteria, yeast and viruses. It has thus long been known to promote and aid in digestion and overall health. Some studies show it may be antimutagenic and help manage free radicals in the body."

It's really that important. So put on your lab coat (or apron) and get adventurous in your kitchen. You'll be glad you did…. and it's really fun to make your friends wonder too…

*Though unrelated to making ginger beer, Kerville Folk Festival is also good for your health. See here. Especially if you love good acoustic music and camping.*

*also, I have no affiliation with Yemoos, I just love them & wanted to share.*

*ps ~ anyone interested in splitting tuition for Heather's newest class? All new recipes for 2013 and she's offering her bring a friend for free deal until the end of the weekend!*


11 thoughts on “ginger beer in your kitchen

  1. Yum! We’ve been looking for alternatives for my husband, to drinking soda with sugar. We tired making kombucha but here in the desert it’s always too hot it comes out so acidic. I’m going to try this come the new year!


  2. My mom is hooked on making fermented ‘soda’ and she calls it her ‘jungle juice’. It helped her get over an intestinal bug she picked up while traveling the Far East and that her (regular, run-of-the-mill) doctors could not pinpoint in terms of a problem. She’s hooked now, and makes it with rosehips, so it’s also packed for vit c. It’s great for our little guy, to whom we don’t give ester-c just yet. We make our own ginger ‘bug’ – have you tried it that way too?


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