some very big news…..

some very big news.....


Looks like the wait is over and we f-i-n-a-l-l-y know where we headed.

(can you believe it's been four months of waiting!? oh my.)

Hello New England!


Providence, RI

It might not exactly be the small-ish city we were hoping for on our list….. but we're okay with that. It's just a few hours from a whole lot of great friends and family…. and a brand new place to discover. We won't have official orders in hand until after the holidays, but an email from the detailer is pretty darn certain.

So, now I'm asking you for some advice! Anyone familiar with the area? Please tell! We lived in Cape Cod, MA over a decade ago…. but I barely remember Providence. Well, other than this one time when I got really lost trying to get to the airport to pick up Joe (in a thunderstorm with two kids under the age of four!) And then Joe's flight got canceled anyway, and I ended up staying the night in a hotel because I was too afraid to drive back alone that late at night. I was barely twenty and had recently moved from an isolated fishing town in coastal AK with the population of 2,500…. tossed right into big cities and traffic. It was a rough day, but funny now. Anyway…. I imagine we'll live outside the city…. any pointers? Tips? Nice areas within 30-45 minutes? Food co-ops? Homeschool groups? Fun things to see & do? Ways of meeting sorta crunchy non-main-stream folks. You know, other than standing in front of the organic veggie section and looking hopeful. (that never works for me, by the way. I've tried!)


This starting all over business is a whole lot of work. I'm too excited and frazzled and overwhelmed to say anything else today. Except maybe this, just one more time…..

Hello New England!


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