hello from chicot + weekend links…..

hello from chicot + weekend links.....


That would be a bit of bliss right there.

Some knitting. A forest full of autumn leaves for me to sit in while I watch my littles build fairy houses from found treasures. We’re here with my parents…. staying in the most amazing cabin over the swamp. I have much to share with you at the end of the weekend. So many photos! For now I’ll just wish you a happy little Friday. (from the cabin, while the fire crackles in the background, because it has wireless! oh my.)

Here are a few weekend links for you…..

A little sale on fabric for my Free Spirit loving friends out there.

The arboretum we visited is truly a must see for locals. The walking/hiking trails are wonderful.

A sweet little treasury of handmade goodness from my fellow Natural Kids Team friends.

A dreamy looking holiday e-course to help you stay centered during the season…. 

I’m pretty sure everyone on my gifting list would be happy with either hula hoops or chocolate bark.

There are super lofty cozy wool & cotton quilts in the shop.

And just for fun, a year ago this week.

Last, but not least… today marks four whole years of this blogging gig… four! A seriously heartfelt thank-you to all of you who make this my favorite creative hobby. You are the best darn readers a girl could ask for. Truly.


and happy weekending to you….



12 thoughts on “hello from chicot + weekend links…..

  1. 4 years!Happy Anniversary!! I think this might be the only webpage/blog ive read for that long. I love reading your posts. Makes me smile. Have fun with the parents 🙂


  2. You are very close to my childhood stomping grounds. The arboretum in a great patch of wilderness. Bea and I usually take a hike there everytime we visit family.


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