rhythm of the home ~ winter

rhythm of the home ~ winter


rhythm of the home ~ winter


rhythm of the home ~ winter


I am so honored to join the group of creative individuals over at Rhythm of the Home for the winter edition. Each season the collaborative sharing is so beautiful and inspiring…

I contributed a recipe for our delicious gluten free gingerbread, and simple stitched journal to share with your child. Both of these projects are dear to my heart in their own way, and I'm so happy to share them with you.

Every edition of Rhythm of the Home is celebrated with an amazing giveaway! If you head over to their blog you'll see two sets of my cards among a host of other wonderful goodies to win.

I'm looking forward to sitting down with a cup of coffee and savoring the pages. I hope you do the same.




8 thoughts on “rhythm of the home ~ winter

  1. I just popped over here afer reading your pieces on Rhythm of the Home. I am eager to make your muffins – they sound delish! – and love the idea of the shared journal. I’m an avid journal writer since the age of 10 and would love to share this passion with my daughters. My oldest is 8 1/2 – how old was your daughter when you began sharing a journal?
    Your blog is lovely!!


  2. Thank you! I just came up with the idea to share the journal with my daughter this fall. But I think it would be a lovely idea as soon as they are confident writers! Thanks for swinging in and saying hello 🙂


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