weekends are going to be full….

Joe & I sat together this last weekend and made a huge list full of house projects that need done. Bathroom renovation number two. Painting. Kitchen Cabinet rehab. Laundry room redo. Painting. Sod & patio for backyard. Driveway repair. Did I mention the painting?

We’re quickly realizing the weekends between now and February when we plan to list the house are going to be very full. I can’t believe we’re right around the corner from putting our house up for sale, and we still don’t know where we’re going! We’re hanging in there, but the anticipation has got everyone on their toes.

Speaking of bathroom renovation number one, I can’t believe I never shared that here. Some of you may remember a before shot of Joe playing guitar in the bathroom while the kids were bathing here. Look at that diaper cover hanging on the towel rack behind him. Diapers?! Oh, that seems like forever ago. After that photo, I did my best to give the bathroom a tiny touch up here. And that is how it stayed until this summer. It looks so nice now. The only thing I can take credit for is a day of scraping old grout out of the shower tiles. Really, it took the two of us an entire day. Everything else was Joe. (he’s totally a keeper, right?) So here it is….


weekends are going to be full....


weekends are going to be full....


weekends are going to be full....


All that’s left is to replace the door with a solid wood one & put in a toilet paper holder. Which we purposely did not do now. Why you might ask? Well, it seems the youngest in our house is convinced that toilet paper holders must be dismantled and strewn about the bathroom while using the potty. Every time. ahem~

If you’re interested in the nitty gritty details… I have a few. Joe did the floor tile work his self, the tiles were purchased at Lowes. Our thoughts were that small tiles made the space look bigger. We really like them & plan to use them in our bathroom as well. The retro hued yellow tub was painstakingly sanded several times and then painted with this. The wall color is a soft gray with a hint of blue, which works lovely with yellow 1960’s tile. We chose a super low profile vanity to add space (Home Depot). The bathroom has a nice closet, so we didn’t need vanity storage. I love the vanity top. Very easy to clean… I also chose a sleek design for the faucet based on easy clean-ability. The entire renovation was done for under $1200. This includes new toilet, new lights, towel racks, vanity & mirror set, materials for painting tub & walls, bath & sink faucets, shower head, tile & grout materials. We plan to spend another $140 on a solid wood door & toilet paper holder…. bringing the total under $1400 for everything. I did some research and the average bathroom remodel is at least $10k, so we feel we did a darn good job. And by “we”, I mean a tiny bit me and totally Joe.

I thought you all would like a peek into the beginnings of a bathroom reno. Our master bathroom currently looks like this….. 


weekends are going to be full....

Renovation essentials include: coffee, shirt to wipe grout dust off feet, hammer to help get old metal shower door hardware off of tile, lots of razor knives for removing grout, measuring tape to figure our price for prefab shower walls halfway through the day (too expensive, grumble & keep scraping grout). Grateful Dead playing in the background to make grout scraper think the next house should be a giant yurt or a vw bus, or anything without tile and grout. Wife says no. Dang. Keep scraping…


Hope to have an update on this project by the end of the month…..

In the meantime… I’ll be painting.


18 thoughts on “weekends are going to be full….

  1. Great job Joe! The bathroom looks awesome. I’m trying to figure out how demo some of Jay’s old handy work…. the newer stuff is much better than the 2003-2005 stuff πŸ˜€ Like a fine wine…


  2. Having just went through the whole moving process – I feel you! Sending you big mama hugs as you move through this transition. It’s exciting and sometimes overwhelming…but SO worth it. Good luck!!


  3. That finished bathroom is lovely – and I cannot thank you enough for telling how you did the bathtub. We have a couple of antique porcelain fixtures here that I want to restore, and I had no idea where to start; you’ve given me a wealth of information, just in that one link. Many thanks! xo


  4. Hahaha! This made me laugh. Mostly because I want to learn to do tile…. Joe is very good… he learned growing up. Anyway, he said (with the nicest of voice) "I think you might want to try the laundry room for a first project, and big tiles." ahem~ SO FUNNY! I was totally not offended. So I'll be doing the laundry room makeover solo. Well, minus the heavy lifting/moving of washing machines. Can't wait to share that here! 
    ps – you get the second phone call. right after my mama. promise ❀ 


  5. Does that stuff work on the plastic-ish tubs? I don’t know what you call it….a non-cast iron or metal tub is all I know. We redid the bathrooms in our house but couldn’t afford to buy new tubs/shower. They’re almost 34 years old and could use a facelift. Just curious.


  6. You did a really fantastic job! I remember when my mom had our kitchen tiled and wood floors put in,it took forever and was so much work but so worth it!


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