sunset, winter, & the sea

Did you already guess that I might have another post full of Alaska photos? Ahhh, you know me all too well. I know, I know…. you were there with me all summer. But it's winter now, everything looks so different. 

So bundle up, and come with me. On a wintry sunset walk along the shore…..


sunset, winter, & the sea


sunset, winter, & the sea


sunset, winter, & the sea


sunset, winter, & the sea


sunset, winter, & the sea

me, my mama & my aunt


sunset, winter, & the sea

The sun sets and the air chills my bones as we walk along….. puffs of air waft up from my mouth like dragon's breath. My fingers numb with cold make snapping pictures difficult, but I still do. Fumbling with mittens in between bits of capturing the pinks and oranges around us, seeing this place in a different season. I even manage to get the camera perched on a rock and set the timer…. running to find my place next to mom & Aunt Lori. Oh my, we were so cold by then. I turn back to look at the sunset one last time before it sinks into the sea for the night and find myself looking at a favorite rock of my little two, this one here. My heart ached for little hands in mine to share this with. I snap the photo and turn to follow my mom and aunt. Realizing this ache would someday be so much more than a few days vacation…..

Oh that sea, it always has something to whisper to my heart.





12 thoughts on “sunset, winter, & the sea

  1. So beautiful there! Gosh, I hope that ache isn’t there later on, for you or for me. I hope it’s replaced with joy & lots & lots of grand kids! We forget there are the teen years in between to help us shove them out of the nest and feel no guilt, lol.


  2. So pretty! Ive been in Alaska for 31 years now and it never gets old. I love the pic of you, your momma and your aunt. 🙂


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