~mindful monday~

~mindful monday~


when I was a little girl these two women meant the world to me….

to be a woman myself and spend these last few days with them was a gift to my soul

there is nothing like history shared with your people…. your family

there is magic when women gather….




mind.ful = conscious or aware of something

Something that speaks to your heart and leaves you feeling beautifully grounded right where you are. If you'd like to share yours…. please leave a link in your comment below for others to discover.


happy monday friends,



10 thoughts on “~mindful monday~

  1. Hello Stephanie! You won’t remember me, but I worked with your mom both in Anchorage and Cordova. You and Your brother were kids! I love your blogs! And this post brought a tear to my eye! I miss Cordova and your mom! She always kept me smiling. So happy to see you enjoying life and sharing it in such a creative and beautiful way! ( i stayed up way too late hooked ! )


  2. Kari, of course I remember you! I share your wedding story to anyone who will listen. My kids even hear the story when we go to Cordova and visit Alaganik. I swoon over flowers in mason jars to this day! Plus I remember you hosting a delicious brunch at your little house in Cordova too. My memories are obviously tied to flowers and good food! Hoping you are laughing and enjoying life wherever you are…… I can't wait to tell my mom we chatted πŸ™‚ xo~


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