i’ll be quilting….

i'll be quilting....


Maggie wasn't so sure about bags being packed. I love it when her ears do different things like this, as if she can't make up her mind which is right. And that sewing machine… is it ever heavy to lug around with me. Phew~ It sure gave the TSA folks a chuckle though.

I'm typing these words to you from a quiet spot in the NOLA airport. All checked in and ready for my flight.

I'll be traveling the next two days to get to my mom's for a weekend quilt retreat. Gah! I can hardly beleive it. Just myself for 6 whole days. And my mama and Aunt (who is teaching the class.) Fun, fun, fun.

I'll be back Friday with something special.

See you then!



22 thoughts on “i’ll be quilting….

  1. I can hardly wait. Suitcase full of quilts is pretty heavy too, but worth the effort. Glad your bring you machine I have always wanted to touch a Bernina!!!!Remember, a glass of wine always makes you more creative and relaxed when quilting :0)SEE YOU IN SEATTLE!!!!!!


  2. Yeah!!!!!!!! This whole thing is like a dream. That Bernina is a workout to carry around but worth it 😉 And of course you can sew with her as much as you like. She's like my creative cadillac 🙂


  3. I’m totally jealous of the Bernina.. I had a fight with my old singer. Almost through her out of the house.. I had to be a machine mechanic and take the whole bobbin system apart and then put it back together (which wasn’t fun). But she is working again and Eric says I look cute when I’m sewing, as he hands me a zipper to be fixed and a shirt to be mended.. But still Just basic sewing on this old girl.. No bells and wistles.. Happy quilting to you.. See you in a few days.. then I can ogle your Bernina…


  4. Unfortunately, I don't know. We rescued her. I assume she is a hound mix. We think she's six months or so and probably will only be about 45 pounds at the most. She is absolutely a sweetheart! We're smitten 🙂


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