paths to my heart, and cookies

paths to my heart, and cookies


I am sometimes surprised to find I am still getting to know myself. It's a funny thing, isn't it? The idea of discovering what is right beneath your nose. And sometimes you are the last to know, the last to realize something about you.

As I prepared for a long day of driving this weekend, I awoke before the alarm. I found myself in the kitchen, eyes still heavy with sleep, pulling ingredients out for cookies as I waited for the coffee. Peanut butter and dark chocolate chips. As the cookies cooled I made two jars of herbal tea, one with honey & one without, and a double batch of popcorn. Before I had thought much about it, I had made food for my trip that day and for my family to snack on while I was away.

As Jade helped me prepare she smiled and said, "food is your thing mom."

And while part of this is born from my desire to nourish my family and travel frugally….. another part of it is something more. In times of stress, I cook. It's meditative for me. I get lost amongst ingredients and preparations. I pour my love into my work and it heals my soul. Calms my nerves. It is my magic.

I drove the first 30 minutes of my trip in a silent car, pondering this. Snack basket beside me. On my way to pick up our oldest from school, and bring him home to attend locally. This had been a difficult decision for us to come to, one we arrived at with heavy hearts. Sometimes this parenting gig is a tough one.

But those moments in the kitchen that morning brought my heart peace and clarity. I felt better prepared to handle the day before me with patience and love. And empathy.

And of course, really good cookies.




16 thoughts on “paths to my heart, and cookies

  1. I think cookies that yummy might cheer up any mood! Food is my meditative space too. It’s where I feel can really make a difference in our every day life.


  2. I think adding cookies always helps. “And cookies” should be a thing, for sure. I’m also beginning to think–we’re going through a school change soon ourselves–that one of the keys to this parenting thing is that there isn’t always one “right” answer. Often there are a lot of good answers, and everything will be OK no matter which you choose. Different maybe, but OK.


  3. Sweet that your daughter “gets” you.
    Love and food are totally intertwined for me, too.
    I get the weirdest satisfaction from checking Col’s thermos after school and seeing the soupy goodness devoured.
    Good luck with the school change up.


  4. Been thinking about you all weekend. Hope that things are slowly adjusting in the right direction. Let me know when I can pay a visit.


  5. Yes, yes, yes! And sometimes what was once right is not anymore. All we can do is what we think is right in the moment we're in. It does all seem to work out OK if we let it. And always try to add cookies too πŸ˜‰


  6. Me too! I used to pack epic lunches for the big kids back in the day when the attended public elementary school. They had the best lunches ever and mostly always ate every last bit of it. As for us, things are going well here… a good friend of mine awhile back reminded me of that empathy part (ahem – Rachel) and that was a much needed piece of the day turning out well. 


  7. My oldest returned from home recently from being away at school too. I am happy to have him so much closer. Yet the change from our original Plan was an adjustment for all of us. Life is full of surprises. Adding cookies can certainly help in the process of change. . Best wishes in having your big one back at the nest. Amber


  8. This is much of how I felt also. Despite adjustments and disappointments from all of us… this turn in the journey is going very well. Life is most surely full of surprises πŸ™‚


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