kcwc fall 2012 – sharing day two

kcwc fall ~ sharing day two


kcwc fall ~ sharing day two


kcwc fall ~ sharing day two


kcwc fall ~ sharing day two


kcwc fall ~ sharing day two


kcwc fall ~ sharing day two


Day two of kcwc ~ a set of pajamas for my littlest one.

Somehow he's grown several inches since we last needed pajama pants for the night. They're sneaky about this growing thing aren't they?

I traced his very favorite pair, adding a bit extra for length. The fabric is from my stash…. super cute little camping critters. I think it's Michael Miller? I used freezer paper to do the stencil on his shirt. I'm sure he would have much preferred me to do the rabbit driving the tractor. But I'm missing fall…. and feeling like an autumn inspired t-shirt must certainly be good luck.

Just for fun, here is last fall's day number two of sharing.

I just heard Joe's bus pull up in the driveway. He had a long, long day…. and I've got dinner and a bottle of wine waiting for him.

See you tomorrow for more handmade kid clothes.

Oh…. and take a peek at the awesome kcwc flickr group. Seriously fun stuff in there.




16 thoughts on “kcwc fall 2012 – sharing day two

  1. I’m in love with that shirt! The flickr group could keep me there for hours! I’m pinned so many things already. I put up the next peasant dress I made today. Dress are all the rage around here.


  2. Your clothes are so cute and remind me of all I must do! I have to make my oldest a new pair of pajama pants. His still fit (I made them long) but I can no longer sew up the many holes in the knees. I used an old flannel sheet to make them and he loooooves them because they are so comfy, so I guess I better go looking for another old flannel sheet!
    And I *also* have to freezer-paper stencil my youngest’s birthday shirt. So much to do, as soon as I can breathe thru my nose again. 🙂 These kid-sewing weeks always seem to fall on solo parenting weeks, I’d be nuts to even attempt it.


  3. Oh gosh I LOVE that fabric! Now we totally need matching family pajamas! Dorky? I’m cool with that.
    The skirt is so lovely, too. There was no way I was sewing this week, but I sense a sewing frenzy on my horizon soon.


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