kcwc fall 2012 – sharing day one

kcwc fall 2012 ~ day one


kcwc fall 2012 ~ day one


kcwc fall 2012 ~ day one


kcwc fall 2012 ~ day one


Well now. This whole puppy thing sure is keeping me on my toes.

I had the girls keep an eye on her for twenty minute increments as I sewed up this skirt yesterday and today. She's good, really. But very much a puppy. Which is similar to a toddler…. but with fur and four legs…..

My first project for kcwc is this lovely twirly skirt. The pattern is by Sew Liberated. (You can grab the pattern for yourself at a whopping 65% off right here in Meg's shop.) The pattern seems true to size, easy to understand, quick to sew, and it fits beautifully. Definitely a win! The faux double layer adds really nice weight and twirl to the skirt. Both my girl & I are quite smitten with the results. 

The fabrics are both ones that have been sitting in my stash forever, just waiting for the right project to come along. The corduroy is Robert Kaufman and the floral is Caroline Gavin's Wild Thyme. I adore this corduroy print. I can't remember ever sewing with corduroy before, but I will again. I love the way it drapes as a skirt. So very pretty….

I'm sure if you didn't have a new puppy, it would come together in a quick afternoon sewing session. I think it took me about two-ish hours total to sew this one up. That time accounts for sewing the wrong & right side together once while talking to one of the kids and then seam ripping it back out. Oops~

I'll see you tomorrow afternoon for another kid clothing post. But before I go, the little guy would like you all to see his awesome new haircut. (courtesy of mama & the clippers, which sounds kind of like an 80's punk band) I guess he was inspired by Joe's recent buzz and wanted to match. He's been sporting spiked hair all day and throwing me thumbs up and peace signs. Totally hilarious.


kcwc fall 2012 ~ day one


Here's a peek at last fall's kcwc day one.

Happy sewing to my fellow kcwc friends out there…. feel free to share a link of your handmades in the comments below!


Have a good night…



p.s. thank you for all those sweet birthday wishes yesterday! xo~


19 thoughts on “kcwc fall 2012 – sharing day one

  1. I missed your post about your birthday girl, so a happy belated birthday to her. Such a special number this year!
    Adore that skirt!


  2. WOW girl you totally ROCK!!!!! Any leftovers ? I would love to pay you to make me a bag like this?? Let me know what you think. You have my e-mail. AUNTIE RED (Z), JOICIE in ID.


  3. when i saw the skirt, i got excited thinking it was something new in your shop… i would have SO bought that for my girl.. it’s adorable! it looks very sweet on your girl.


  4. Followed you through Ginny’s blog. Those are some amazing boots! My daughter would love a pair! Where did you find them? And I love the skirt with the boots. πŸ™‚


  5. They were her birthday gift this year! Purchased from Lands End. If you do a little searching, I'm sure you can find a coupon too. I had a 30% off one when I got these for her πŸ™‚


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