~mindful monday~

mindful monday


Someone just made her tenth trip around the sun….


These double digits sure seem like big stuff, don’t they?

A very happy birthday to our girl..

who is no doubt growing up far faster than any of us would like.

Much, much love to you sweet-pea.


mama(& the gang)



mind.ful = conscious or aware of something

Something that speaks to your heart and leaves you feeling beautifully grounded right where you are. If you’d like to share yours…. please leave a link in your comment below for others to discover.


happy monday friends,



12 thoughts on “~mindful monday~

  1. Three in less than a month! But this is the last one until next year. As much as I love celebrating…. I'm always a little relieved to be through the busy-ness of it all 🙂


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