a puppy + some weekend links



I'm a sucker.

It's true.

This little girl showed up in our neighborhood a few weeks ago and neighbors have been trying to find her owner with no luck. After meeting the kids, she decided she'd like to live here. In fact, last weekend she was put outside for the night across the street and decided to come howl at our door.

At 3 a.m.

We thought surely someone was missing her. Our neighbors did not have time for a puppy, but hated to see her go to the pound…. so we caved. She's currently sleeping on the floor at my feet. Acting like it was about time we let her move in.

I put an ad on the local swapshop and got a call from a woman this morning telling me her neighbor had the puppy for three weeks and couldn't find the owner and she disappeared two weeks ago. Which is how long my neighbors had her before she came here. It seems she just made her way across town. Which makes me think no one is really looking…

So even though this is not the right time to get a puppy…. we really couldn't help but think this funny little girl sort of chose us. Unless someone steps up to claim her, I guess I'm in for some sleepless nights and house breaking and training… oh my.

But really…. how could we say no?

And after finding a home for two strays since we moved here…. I suppose it's about time one stayed with us. We think she's some sort of hound mix. Probably 5 months or so. Right at the end of puppy teething age. Sweet as can be, so smart…. and just a little naughty. Of course.

And since she probably is staying… we figured we had to call her something other than "puppy".

So, Maggie it is. Short for Magnolia.


And now for some weekend link love:


KCWC starts Monday and I'll be sharing some handmade kid clothing all next week. {I did this last year too.} Meg always does such a good job pulling this together…. tons of inspiration and camaraderie. And I need inspiring… or something… because Luke's costume has 23 pieces. (!!)

Speaking of inspiration…. the quilt, the leaves, I'm in love…

Lime + cilantro = soup? Yes please.

There are autumn inspired silks in the shop.

This is so funny… and also true. I will miss hearing that word.

Last Year's favorite fall drink. (with our own vanilla bourbon)

And just for fun…. a year ago this week.


Have a lovely, lovely weekend all of you. (or should I say all y'all)




16 thoughts on “a puppy + some weekend links

  1. Oh she’s adorable! Love the name, too.
    I haven’t made that soup yet, but it’s on the menu this week.
    And, just so you know, we will miss all ya’ll. šŸ™‚


  2. Oh, my goodness! Maggie is really cute. And clearly you are much younger and more energetic than me! I am up around 2:00 for the potty break here, do you want my number? šŸ˜‰
    Good luck with your new girl. Looking forward to lots of adorable puppy pics!


  3. Awwww….such a sweet story of puppy adoption. And yes, I think she chose you. And she is soooooooo cute. Yay for you! May you enjoy all the love and affection this little pup will bring you.


  4. Isn't she cute? Two days and we're all in love. She seems pretty grateful to have a home and cushy dog bed to sleep in. And I am lucky for big kids that are old enough to puppy watch. My oldest joked she used to have baby duty when I was cooking and now it's puppy duty! I'll think of you as I stagger out for those middle of the night potty breaks šŸ™‚ oh my!


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