socks for the man

I finished up Joe's socks a few days ago…..


socks for the man


socks for the man


socks for the man


That second sock is a rough one to begin. I offered to make it striped, or a different color before I began. I got one of those "really" looks from the man. So two blue socks he has. They're even the same size! Joe says they're comfy, like good socks to lounge in. Of course, even if they weren't I'd still kind of expect him to profess his love for them anyway. I mean, they are handknit socks after all. You can find all the details on ravelry.

{Thank you Joe for modeling the socks and letting me harass you with my camera.}

I suppose he's used to that by now.

That's it for today! I've got a picnic lunch packed for hanging out with friends in Lafayette on our way to pick up the big boy for a weekend home. We're always so excited to see him. Plus me and three of the four kids have a little secret birthday shopping to do for a certain girl who is turning fourteen this weekend.

The youngest just reminded me I need to pack him a railroad snack for the drive. This is what he calls Trail Mix. He's a funny one.

Have a great day!


ps ~ sorry for the random double post, I deleted the second one…. I wish I could have transferred the comments to this one… I did read them, thank you! see you tomorrow for some links (and hopefully just one post to share them. haha!)

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