Once upon a time there was a food budget.

Then a family went gluten-dairy-egg free.

Then the food budget flew out the window…. waving goodbye as it left.


It is what it is, right?

Meet (most of) the new gluten free pantry line up~


cha-ching (+weekend links)


And because this is just too funny. A great big jar of Psyllium Husks.


cha-ching (+weekend links)


It's kind of the newest thing in gluten free baking. Replacing the expensive and slightly elusive zanthan gum. But seriously? Who wants anything that says "colon cleanser" on the pantry shelf, next to the chocolate chips and brown rice flour. I'm all for healthy cookies…. but it was just too much for me. Even though it came in a perfectly useable lidded tin, I poured it into a glass jar. It looks prettier, and I feel much better about having it in the background of possible recipes shared in the future. I'm ridiculous. It's true.

And there is this. I've been keeping it in a dark cupboard and feeding it twice a day…


cha-ching (+weekend links)


I should call it Seymour, right? After that weird 80's musicalFeed me Seymour.

I think maybe I've had enough coffee for today…..

As this whole gluten-egg-dairy free thing progresses, I will be sure to point you in the direction of good recipes. I'm compiling notes and photos for a post soon.


And now, some weekend link love:

~Amanda is genius. I am so looking forward to seeing this unfold.

~A lovely handmade book tutorial.

~It's apple season, and this can help you preserve the bounty. (next fall, I'm hoping for apple picking!)

~Maybe your little (or big) kitchen helper needs an apron?

~We've been loving this up in our morning smoothies. I add one teaspoon to a full blender. Even the pickiest in the bunch has not complained!

~This is what happens when Joe looks at etsy & adds items to my favorites. 

~Yum, yum & yum.


And just because, a year ago this week.


ps – I updated my photo here with a super geeky self portrait I took in photobooth… take a peek and laugh with me 🙂

19 thoughts on “cha-ching

  1. Since June I have been working on the gluten-free eating.. such a slow process sometimes but I found this helpful “recipe” for all-purpose (gluten-free)flour. I found millet has such a strong flavor in this mix that I am trying to find a different combo that I had been using but it leaves out the gums.
    …and GF sourdough…I would love to hear more!


  2. A word of caution: many with gluten sensitivities also have issues with oats (even certified GF oats), and quinoa can cause problems too. My 8yo and I both recently got sick on certified GF wraps that contained quinoa. Neither of us can eat oats, either.
    Our food budget is higher now too. I console myself with the fact that we almost never eat out anymore, so surely it’s balancing out somewhat. But also, I bake much, much less than I used to. I really used to enjoy baking and it was a regular part of our day, but now it’s not. I also gave up fairly early on with trying to mix a bunch of flours and I just buy the King Arthur GF blend. (I figured they *know* baking, so it was bound to be decent.) It’s pricey for a box, but I’m not sure it doesn’t even out in the end given how many flours I was trying to buy and blend.
    Either way, good luck with the transition. Can’t wait for some tempting recipes to show up!


  3. Greetings,
    I happened to run across this herb website and she had just come up with a “recipe” for gluten free bread with “no weird gums in it”…or psyllium! I haven’t figured out how to link so here is the site to check out: and it is her december 31st, 2009 post. Enjoy your evening.


  4. The picture of all the flours shows me that really you are not at a loss with all the gluten free things. Such flavor to be had! What are you using for the sourdough starter? Teff flour?


  5. I make a blend…I find it not too expensive for the amount of baking I do (which is SO much less than what I used to do!) Haven’t found a bread recipe I like so the most costly item on the grocery list is “Udi’s” bread…which we use very sparingly! We eat a lot of basic whole foods: potatoes, veggies, hummus, some meat, eggs. Jude’s been df for 5 years and gf/soy free for 3…the improvement in his temperment and digestion is remarkable. What’s great is that we all eat healthier…shop around the edges of the grocery store and can’t eat a lot of processed food. It does take a lot of prep and planning…I sometimes lament that we can’t just order a pizza on one of my exhausting work days, or go out for dinner at a restaurant or to a friend’s house. Birthday parties and school events take extra notice and planning…and sometimes he has to miss out on a treat if I haven’t been alerted that there will be one. He’s a great kid and never complains, and I make sure he gets lots of yummy, good quality food. It’s worth it!!
    We really like “Cooking for Isaiah” by Silvana Nardone for her flour blend and waffle recipe!


  6. Steph, I had no idea! Thank you for all the great info. I'm curious how eating differently will affect all of us in the coming months. My daughter & I both struggle with mild acne and I am hoping that might clear up. Only time will tell.


  7. I've read that too. Right now we're hoping we can handle gf oats. We're going to try gluten-dairy-egg free for 2-3 months and see if our symptoms improve. Then we'll go from there and remove anything else if necessary. (but I hope to add eggs back in, I miss them the most!) I have a feeling this is going to be a long road ahead of us.


  8. It is such a learning process! Like rediscovering how to eat. I have found Nourishing Meals by Alissa Segersten very helpful. Definitely alternative food (very little sugar) but so far everything from it has been very good. And truly healthy too! I'm hoping to share a post on sourdough soon. I'm making my first bread with it tomorrow!


  9. I added that to my pin board 🙂 It looks delicious, thank you! We're moving in a few months & I am hoping to have access to bulk grains & flours again. If not I will definitely be starting a gf food buying club!


  10. two of my little students are gf and/or dairy free, so i’ve had to tweak school day snacks and baking projects around here as well. it IS a lot more expensive to bake this way, but it’s helping me to become educated about different grains that i’d not previously known about. parents have recommended this brand of baking flour: i have some in my pantry but haven’t used it yet. i have to confess that i’m a bit paranoid about screwing up the recipe. it’s like flour gold! 🙂


  11. Wow. I know what you mean on the gold flour right about now 🙂
    I could really do without…. but some certain young ones of mine are missing muffins and tortillas and bread once in awhile. So the trial(and error!) has begun. I hope to share some successes very soon!


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