sunset + weekend links

As always, you humble me with your sweet words when I spill the beans of real life. I can't even begin to let you know what it means to me to sit down at the end of the day and read through all those comments.

You rock. Really, really.


sunset + weekend links


Today, I wanted to share a few sunset photos with you all. One of the main reasons I splurged on Erin's photography course this summer was to figure out how to work with light creatively. I struggled with it. Most of this was because I had not figured out how to use my camera in manual. (Which I learned in the class!) Erin shared some good tricks & tips too. I feel like I'm finally getting it. Slowly, but surely.

These are a few bits of the Louisiana sunset that I have been trying to capture since we moved here. The way the moss on the cypress trees glows as the sun sets. It's beautiful. I never want to forget it. And now, I have these…


sunset + weekend links


sunset + weekend links


It's always such a treat to upload photos and have them look like you wanted, like the image in your mind has truly been captured. These do that for me. I love them~


And now, a few bits of weekend inspiration……

There are lovely new doll quilts and play-silks in the shop

I started a new pinterest board. Dairy, Egg, Gluten free food. Come visit.

If you have a favorite recipe… please share a link in your comment.

We're getting back in the swing of our school schedule and I found this particularly inspring. In fact, I loved it.

Finding food to feed my people with these yummy salads.

If money grew on trees…. I'd buy this. Even though I can only play 2 chords.

And just for fun… a year ago this week.


Happy weekending to you dear friends.

much love,



7 thoughts on “sunset + weekend links

  1. Those pictures are magnificent! I have a particular affinity toward tree and sunset pictures so these really spoke to
    me! Beautiful!


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