in which I make goat cheese


This feels like kind of a funny post.

Because two days ago and several chapters of this book along with some mild health related bits have got us ditching dairy, eggs & gluten. I've been making some really yummy and (really strange) green smoothies for the Man & I twice a day. Simple bean & veggies for dinner. It's not exactly where I expected to be when I shared my very successful epic cheese making post.

But, that's where we are. 

And you know? The cheese kit was awesome. The photos came out good. And the cheese is delicious. So I'm sharing it anyway for all you dairy eating folks out there.

I have access to local organic goat's milk. I also love the flavor of goat's cheese. So this cheese was a good choice for me. I do highly recommend this kit if you are a novice cheese maker. She has kits for cow's milk too. It's well put together & has good instructions. Plus I contacted the maker, Claudia, for some culture to make chevre and she was super sweet. {shared on my own free will, she's not affiliated with Gypsy Forest in any way, she's just really awesome!}

So, here is our cheese making…..


in which i make goat cheese

cheese kit + ingredients


in which i make goat cheese



in which i make goat cheese

milk heated in the pot & beginning to curdle (in a good way)


in which i make goat cheese

freshly strained curds


in which i make goat cheese

flavored with sea salt, dried herbs & a bit of Joe's pepper sauce


in which i make goat cheese

shaped and ready to eat (or chill)


in which i make goat cheese



in which i make goat cheese


So there you have it. Homemade cheese.

(my girls are polishing off the last of it as I type this)



6 thoughts on “in which I make goat cheese

  1. Yum! I have been wanting to take a cheese making class for so long. Recently I saw one being offered in my town by a well known chef…thinking I need to get in on that, especially after reading (and seeing) this post!


  2. Are you going to be really bummed when I tell you that the majority of people who are sensitive to dairy are also allergic to goat milk? *ducks head* I found out the hard way this last spring when we found out that the baby was allergic to milk and I immediately switched to goat cheese instead of cow’s milk cheese. I had no idea that he would probably be sensitive to it as well and boy, was he ever 😦


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