little fig tree & weekend links

Firstly, after two attempts I turned the heel on that sock. (woo-hoo!)

Secondly… I just wanted to show off a few photos of my sweet little fig tree. She survives even though I do nothing to help along other than whisper sweet nothings to her in the backyard. I was so disappointed that the majority of the figs ripened while we were in Alaska. (though Joe didn't mind one bit) And then, she went and grew a whole new batch. Yum. I hope the next owners of this house love her as much as I do….


little figs + weekend links


little figs + weekend links


little figs + weekend links


little figs + weekend links


Isn't she such a pretty little thing?


And for the weekend, a list of inspiring bits for you to explore…..

* The newest edition of Rhythm of the Home came out this week. Water color leaves, dairy free caramel sauce, and this poem are a few of my favorites.

* My very funny teenage girl might be spotted with a fine tipped sharpie. This is why. Oh my.

* Sometimes you need to buy the apple tree. It's true.

* Heather's newest online food workshop is open for registration. They're always good. Always.

* One of my lovely sponsors has a giveaway here.

* So many fall treats to love : yum, yum & yum.


And just for fun…. a little something (yummy) from this time last year.


Happy Weekending~




4 thoughts on “little fig tree & weekend links

  1. I just signed up for Heathers class two days ago. I’m really excited for it, something to get me back in the groove of cooking. Since the baby turned one, she’s’ become quite unruly, making dinner time not so fun. I’m hoping her class can put some fun back into it for me.


  2. Did you take her last one? I did, and it was wonderful! Well worth the investment. Did you sign up while she had the bring a friend offer? I think it ran until the 9/3. Anyhow… I know just what it is like to try and get meals prepared with busy little ones under foot. I have often found myself uninspired or reaching for a box of pasta and jar of sauce. I really think you will love the class. I printed up all the recipes from it and refer to it like a favorite cookbook now 🙂


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