deodorant review + weekend links

deodorant review + weekend links


I'm going to be frank with you. I can be a stinky girl. Living in a humid hot environment means you will frequently be soaked with sweat if you brave the sunshine for a little does of vitamin d. Even if you stay in the shade and lounge in a hammock. It just really is that hot here during the summer months.

I have tried every… I mean E-V-E-R-Y hippie (aka aluminum free) deodorant on the market and even several homemade versions too. Louisiana kicks their bootie every time. When I read Heather's recent post (which made me laugh too), I thought a homemade version needed just one more try.

I ordered some arrowroot powder and patchouli oil. I mixed up a batch and tested it all last week in all kinds of really fun melting hot humid weather. And you know what? It works!! It really, really works. Like Heather mentioned, it is a deodorant. Not an antiperspirant. Which is just perfect for my needs. I love that everything in it is safe and mostly food based. Heather touches on some really good points for using a natural deodorant in her post as well.

My batch was mostly patchouli and a few drops of lavender. I love patchouli.


deodorant review + weekend links


deodorant review + weekend links


deodorant review + weekend links


deodorant review + weekend links


It's currently 80 degrees in my house with the ac running. So mine is a very soft smooth paste. A tiny bit of it is enough and rubs on smooth and feels dry, not sticky (due to the arrow root & baking soda). It has not irritated my skin, even after shaving. And one application in the morning has lasted all day. It's definitely a winner!


Along with this very fantastic deodorant recipe, a few other things left me inspired this week….

Amanda shared a really lovely post on being knitters.

Annie of Alphabet Glue is having a sale!

Ulla is offering one of her  beautiful handmade dolls in a giveaway

If you're feeling crafty this pencil roll and this bag tutorial left me smiling.

Also, washi tape lovers… this is for you.

And just for fun…. a year ago this week.


See you tomorrow for the last giveaway of August. (last week's winners were posted here.)


Happy weekending to you!



13 thoughts on “deodorant review + weekend links

  1. fantastic! I’ve been waiting for this review, thanks so much for sharing. I’ll be ordering the supplies this weekend as I’ve been on the hunt for a good deodorant recipe. Happy Friday to you!


  2. Oh gosh. I can’t do patchouli. Gagging. Headaches. Nope.
    Ken, on the other hand, would bathe in the stuff if I wouldn’t make him sleep in the tent afterward. šŸ™‚
    But since you’re giving it such a glowing review I think I’ll give it a shot with a sub . . . tea tree oil should work.


  3. oooh intriguing. I too have become a stinky girl. (I keep thinking it’s postpartum hormones and it’ll go away, but not so far!) I tried a homemade deodorant several year ago and was gravely disappointed. But maybe I’ll give this one a shot, especially since we have discovered the wonders of coconut oil and dab it on M for all sorts of reasons.


  4. That’s it, you’ve convinced me to try another homemade “hippy” deodorant recipe. Just in time, I accidentally bought one with aluminum, thanks a ton tom’s of maine! Thanks so much for the link, wishing you a beautiful weekend.


  5. This made me laugh! I think a lot of people feel that way about patchouli…. I'm sure you just need to find the right one and you'll *love* it! haha šŸ™‚ I think citrus would be nice too. Grapefruit especially. Happy making!


  6. Coconut oil is magic, right? We love it too. As far as mama related hormones go…. I had stick straight hair as a young adult and now have very wavy hair (almost curly here in the south!). I guess I'll take that along with my stinky-ness šŸ™‚ Happy making to you… I hope you love it!


  7. Oh bummer on the deodorant. I think you'll like this one. It's a pit different to apply… but well worth the safety and results. Enjoy! 
    {ps – your welcome…. it was a super cute project!}


  8. For those 3-5 times when you need a stick deodorant, you won’t find anything better than Herbalix Restoratives. Their products are organic, aluminum-free, paraben-free, and so pure you could eat them.
    Instead of aluminum, the Herbalix deodorants have an all-natural, organic preservative made out of kelp and herbs. They’ve also got beeswax and other oils. The ingredients aren’t just safe, they’re all beneficial. And it works!
    Lately I’ve been using their Belly Stripper, a seaweed-based detox and contouring cream. I feel great, my skin’s glowing and I’ve lost ten pounds in a month. Not half bad!


  9. Have you tried Lavilin??
    My husband and I have homes in St. Thomas and Miami, and we are traveling between the two every month. We are both long-term Lavilin customers and neither of us has ever had any issues with the deodorant. My husband applies it 3-4 days a week, but once a week is enough for me. We are both totally odorless, even in very humid conditions!


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