because I said so….

So it's been one of those weeks.

I was ready to throw the towel in a few days ago and run screaming into the swamp without any bug spray. Pretty crazy, right?

And even though I know you all have your own pile of junk to deal with… I'm spilling my mediocre basket of laundry right here and now because we all need to get this stuff off our chest sometimes……

I really have to clean up this house. Our cat sheds as much as a wooly mammoth. The pool we set up means I am grumbling daily over towels and wet clothes on the floor. The big boy is heading to school tomorrow. This means extra supplies for him and a s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d budget. And then the vacuum cleaner broke. I've got a pile of things to get listed in the shop, and I am so behind on sewing. Also, Joe & I obsessed over the list all week. There's more… but I know when to close my mouth.


Okay now your turn. Feel free to leave your own overwhelming crappy day/week/moment in a comment below. Write it down and let it go…..

Don't you feel better? I sure do.


gotta have salt :)


Next, you can follow my lead. As soon as it is 5 pm, you can pour yourself a glass of wine or whip up a batch of mango mint margaritas. Then sit down to read to your kids, or yourself, or just watch them play in the pool/sprinkler and put your feet up. Because you know what? That laundry will still be there tomorrow. And you know what else? You can pick any time zone you want for that 5 pm rule because today is Friday! And because I said so. I'm a mom. I can do that.

So there.

Happy Friday!


25 thoughts on “because I said so….

  1. My freezer unthawed this morning…you know, the freezer your man worked to save during the power outage? It was human error outage. *sigh* My lovely husband came home from offshore right in the middle of me cleaning up that mess. He’s my hero, and only about $20 worth of food lost.


  2. My inlaws who were living with us up to a few months ago came over this past weekend while my hubby and i were in girdwood. They did some laundry in our LG duets and somehow a red crayon got melted in my dryer. Gregg and i were trying to figure out #1 how our clothes got these weird red stains on them and #2 (after figuring out what it was) why the freeloaders came over to do their laundry while we were gone when they have their own washer/dryer. Ugh. We finally got it out of greggs other sister ( the one who was house sitting our house) that they had come over and did their laundry. So all lastnight i was sitting in my hallway with my head inside my $1200 dryer scraping melted red crayon out of it. GRRROWL. I totally need one of those mint margaritas.


  3. My week wasn’t so bad, I did end up with a new washer and dealt with crazy contractors at work, but I still need my favorite choice of beverage at 5pm please. 🙂


  4. I can’t manage to get the dishes done this week, there is still wet laundry in the wash, the baby who is turning one on sunday has a fever, my three year old got separation anxiety again, and the hubby drove the car into the garage door.
    My mom is coming into town tonight, i need the help for sure. I’ll be joining in with that glass of wine.


  5. Making my week not seem so bad – we only have the 3 rd set of nasty colds in the past 6 weeks, we have all had a week being healthy in between before we all catch the next one – arghh have given up washing hankies and resorted to paper ones this week as all just too much – roll on spring here!


  6. Last week was That Week for me. I don’t even want to relive the details, but yes, by Sunday night, I indulged in some wine (a rarity for me). This week has had its moments, but since nobody had to go the ER while I was solo parenting, it’s way better than last week. 🙂


  7. Hmmm. Is there something going on with the moon or the sun?!
    Sunday I was packing all day, as well as doing laundry since the sun was finally out (and the dryer has yet to be fixed for a third week) and in between running stuff up and then back down to the basement, I came to a flooded basement. The hose from the washing machine had gotten out of the pipe and released all that bubbly water onto the floor. This disaster ruined already packed boxes…and creating a three hour clean-up job. Not very productive!
    Then two days later…my 3.5YO tells me he used up the toilet paper. Then a few minutes later…he flushes and comes running out of the washroom with dirty toilet water following him. Another productive day!
    How I wish someone would have made me that lovely looking drink!


  8. I’m sure all the women who read this smiled in gentle recognition. Running away can be so appealing sometimes. I always have to remind myself to steer the van home when I have a full tank of gas because the open road is so tempting sometimes! I’ve declared today a “leave the mess” kind of day. I hear myself ranting at my kids somedays because of the way they follow behind me undoing any small accomplishments I make…for any laundry I put away, they take the same amount out of their drawers. The endless towel and bathing suit drying! The sand, cat hair, craft supplies! When they all go to bed, the wet bathing suit on the coffee table just makes me smile a bit at the fun and busy day we had. I could use a margarita…but at 6 months pregnant, it’s a cup of tea for me!
    Hope things seem more sane. Sometimes I chase my hubby out with the kids for a morning or afternoon so I can just catch up (only to have it all undone in short order)…but just getting a handle on the chaos can make if all feel less overwhelming, right? Even if it’s just for a little while!


  9. Sand fleas + two blond dogs = INSANE amounts of scratching, bathing , spraying and shedding.
    Dental hygiene and beard control + three grown guys = DISGUSTING mirror splatter, and a sink of hair spit remnants.
    Cheap dog food + 6 months old pup = GAGGING smell and clean up of something far worse than any diaper I’ve ever dealt with.
    Extreme pain in both hands every night + surgically induced menopausal hot flashes = Broken sleep pattern, irritability and arguments with the doctors that hand carpel pain is new and a result of some deficiency brought on by lack of estrogen. They want to operate. I say “not until I’ve lost my mind”.
    That was the worst of my week..
    Finding a great pair of shoes while doing some retail therapy after said doctors visit + 15lb weight loss ( over the summer) + cute little black dress and polka dot undies + beautiful and memorable theater style family wedding + My handsome,loving, understanding husband of 25 years = A few glasses of after 5pm drinks and a whole lot of appreciation. For the happier things in life far exceed the mundane and the mundane make the happier moments just that… HAPPIER.


  10. ugh!!!! that is bad!! when Sam was little I once washed a pair of his overalls with several matchbox jets in the pockets… somehow a large load + fighter jet caused the washer to jam and overheat and smoke…. it was coast guard housing and not our washer…. fortunately Joe was able to reset something and all was well…. but I've checked packets ever since!


  11. Oh dear! We just got over colds here…. wishing you all well. I carried around a roll of charmin lotion toilet paper for a week! As did my daughter. It was the most gentle to our noses.


  12. I think you're right! And I know we all have weeks that just plan stink. But there is always good within those. Beautiful kids, sweet husbands and meals shared. Enjoy your tea….. and growing belly 🙂


  13. Oh no!! You've got me beat for sure. Of course, you've got me laughing also. Sometime life is like this?! I totally agree the crap makes the good even BETTER. I'll be thinking of you. xoxo


  14. Well said! What’s so great about hearing this conversation is that we all have similar things in common. You realize that you are not the only one that can’t keep all the dishes clean!


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