a sleeping boy + weekend links

We've been fighting colds all week here.

First the little boy, then the big girl…. then the mama. It's felt like a long week for sure. As of yesterday things started to look up. We all started feeling better, and I was ever so grateful to not be blowing my nose 200 times a day. (by the way, powerful skin compound works magic on sore noses)

Last night my little two put on a puppet show, built an incredible mess creation in their room, and had a sleepover. Luke insisted on using his curvy board as a bed…. there is truly no end to it's many uses.


a sleeping boy + weekend links

photo by Joe


So, here is a list of things that inspired me throughout the week…..


Annie has done it again. Another inspiring Alphabet Glue, issue 8 is out!


Rachel said I'm an Olympian. And you are too! Take a little wander and read this.


I'm reading this and loving it. And I can't wait for this to arrive.


Heather shared an amazing deodorant recipe here, and since we've got atleast 2 months of sweltering heat ahead of us here in the south, I ordered the ingredients to make it. I'll let you know how that goes sometime next week.


This is beautiful. Then again, everything she makes is beautiful.


Also…. pop in tomorrow for a shop giveaway! I've got something new, and I'd like to share one with you!


Happy weekending to you.



ps ~ thank you for your kind words in this post. you sure can make a girl feel loved!

pps ~ I finally figured out why you pinterest loving folks couldn't pin your favorite posts. It was a flickr setting. Who'd have guessed, right? But I fixed it! You can use the button in your browser, and the one at the bottom of the posts… so pin away! And thank you for sharing. (and yes, I'm a pinterest lover too!)


9 thoughts on “a sleeping boy + weekend links

  1. awesome list…i can’t wait to hear how the deodorant comes out, I’ve been on the hunt for a good deodorant for some time. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Iyou always have the best book recommendations. I always look through your changing book list too. We just checked out three books from it.


  3. Thank you KC 🙂 I'm so glad you like it. I think you'll love project based homeschooling! It's so good I requested our library buy it. It's a useful inspiring tool for any parent, homeschooling or not.


  4. I followed your links and just bought both of those books from Amazon. I, too, always love your book recs. We get so many good ones for the kids from your sidebar!


  5. Okay, tell me this: Is it workable within any curriculum? Or is it almost a curriculum itself? That’s something I couldn’t figure out before ordering, so I wasn’t sure if it would be a good fit for me or not?


  6. It's really about encouraging your kids to take on project style learning, which is fully explained in the book. You could do this if your kids went to traditional school, with a homeschool curriculum or as unschoolers. You really can incorporate this very active hands on style of learning in any setting 🙂


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