away we go….



everything has an end…

and this one has come.

it has been one of the most amazing summers,


we'll certainly need a few days to settle into home

and the heat, as we return.

I'll see you all at the end of the week

with a very special something

a bit of alaska

just for you.

right now, please send your love

to my mama

who is looking at a quiet, empty raven's nest (the apartment).




4 thoughts on “away we go….

  1. My heart is split; crying on one side from you leaving and smiling on the other side from having you here for so long and for all the fun we had. I’m hoping in the next few days that the happy side can spill over into the sad half. Thank you so much for your visit and for all the wonderful memories we created together. I’m the luckiest mama/gramma in all the land.


  2. Sending my love to all of you. Home is so hard to leave, especially the loving arms of the Mama! ;*( May the road rise to meet you, the heart hurry to heal.


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