7 thoughts on “oh dear…..

  1. Oh dear indeed. Put it in a bucket of uncooked rice for 24hrs, in the fridge for 24 hours, don’t turn on for 5 days. Worked for me after my iPOD took a swim in the toilet.


  2. I came upon your blog through Erin of BlueBirdBaby…
    I know your pain…I spilled a glass of wine on my keyboard just two weeks ago and have yet to get it fixed. Sadly the keyboard component will have to be replace…everything else works thought.
    BTW…I made your Lemon Balm Pesto…YUMMY!


  3. I had to giggle at this…. because it really could have been wine instead of water. Water seems a bit more forgiving and thankfully all is well 🙂 Thanks for stopping in and glad you enjoyed the pesto, it's a favorite of ours!


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