along this shore…..

along this shore.....


along this shore.....


along this shore.....


along this shore.....


along this shore.....


Are you tired of beach photos yet?

I certainly hope not.

I try to walk as far as I can a couple of days a week….

some black labs and kids in tow…

I wander and think.

They run around and climb rocks 

searching for glass, hermit crabs, rocks & such

or they might throw a bit of sea kelp at one another….

this usually results in a bit of squabbling.

It isn't hot & sunny

instead it's usually overcast and chilly

just warm enough to unzip your jacket as you run along.

(or wear a vest and t-shirt when I used to be a local)

And yet, I realize this summer more than ever

I never come here for the weather

it's the beach

the people

the mountains and forest that tumble into the sea

the hiking and grilled salmon and fellow knitters

sunshine is always a celebrated bonus

but never necessary

just as long as I can walk along this shore, the trip is complete….


12 thoughts on “along this shore…..

  1. This is exactly how I feel about my beach. It may not be hot enough for sunbathing, but it’s always there when I need to walk and think.


  2. It’s not a mystery why we both married handsome men in the Coast Guard. Being on the shore is something I will never tire of, and because of his job description, I will always live near the beach.


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