hiking + some weekends links

hiking + some weekend links


hiking + some weekend links


hiking + some weekend links


hiking + some weekend links


hiking + some weekend links


hiking + some weekend links


I'm grateful for all the free time we're filling up with good long hikes.



goofy self portraits in the woods

teenage girls who hike in xtra tuffs and skirts

boardwalks covered in old fish nets

and little boys who catch beetles


also, some links to things that made me smile this week…..


hosting a food Swap = genius

my little apartment has me swooning over tiny houses, I guess I'm not alone in this

vikings and bears, and I'm not talking about sports

so many quilt tops to love

cinnamon vanilla sunflower butter…. oh my goodness!

Three Irish Girls project gallery on flickr… and we lost Luke's hat!

Cookus shares grilled Salmon

and just for fun, a post from year ago this week… one berry, two berry


Have a wonderful weekend!


10 thoughts on “hiking + some weekends links

  1. so glad the girls got to hang out! It was the perfect sendoff for mine! I’ll have to join you on one of your adventures next week. I’m kind of free~ 🙂


  2. I liked the photos from your hike – the fishnet boardwalk has such an interesting texture. Looks like you are having moisture there – send some my way!


  3. well so much for getting anything done tonight, i so got sucked into the tiny houses 🙂 and i have to agree with your daughter on the hiking style, i find myself hiking in skirts quite a bit! have a lovely weekend in the great land you are calling home this summer!


  4. I miss Cordova!! I love that cute shot of you 🙂 You know I love the wee vikings… but how many quilts can I make for the boys? I must make a choice soon about Tessa’s big girl quilt…. the narwhals, sail boats & mermaids from Sarah Jane might win me over 🙂


  5. The weather has been unusually good to us. Several amazing cool sunny days. SO GOOD!! I think about you & Joey & baby Sam all the time as I wander around. So sweet. Off to check out the Sarah Jane narwhals and mermaids! xoxo


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