it’s friday

it's friday

pipeline trail


It's hard to believe we've been here for almost two weeks.

I'm guessing Joe is finding it easier to believe. (we miss you!!)

It was almost 70 degrees here yesterday…. which is like an Alaskan heat wave. We've been running around outside every chance we get. My legs are sore from climbing mountains. I love that.

I'm headed to The Net Loft this afternoon to work on my scarf & look out over the ocean as I do. The view from the second floor is amazing. I'll share some progress photos soon.


Here are some things that are making me smile……


Erin's photography class starts next week & looks truly amazing.

Alphabet Glue Volume Seven is full of fun stuff to do, share & read with your kiddos. (we love Alphabet Glue!)

Totally loving Maya's Luna Moth stamp + story.

Rhubarb snack cake…… yum!

This etsy shop. That mama can paint. For real.

Delicious yin yang carrots on my salad making me want to try this recipe & this recipe when I get home.

And also, cinnamon walnut pecan butter on my english muffin. Wow. 


Have a wonderful weekend……


10 thoughts on “it’s friday

  1. YUM, the recipe for rhubarb snack cake looks delicious…might make me fall off the vegan wave after all!
    I love the Alphabet Glue ideas…thank you for sharing. I’m very tempted to purchase them, but I am wondering if I’ll my 3.5yo is too little for many activities? This is when having my nieces and nephew around would be extra nice!
    Enjoy beautiful Alaska. We’ve been jealous with the heat wave here at 93F. Blerk!


  2. We do fermented carrots without the whey and they are amazing! Since green beans pickle so well, I think they’ll be my next fermenting experiment. Plus, we have a ton of them right now.
    Loving all the Alaska pics. I’m so glad you’re having such a wonderful adventure this summer!


  3. Thank you! for taking me on vacation!!!! I transplanted myself to CO 22 years ago from Oregon and always miss it, but no more so than this, the driest summer on record where I live.


  4. More pictures please~ I want to smell the muskeg and the ocean. I want to hear the chirping of the bald eagles. Blueberries? I want to taste some perfectly grilled red salmon. I know, it’s a lofty request:)


  5. The book list within Alphabet Glue is really awesome seasonal inspiration…. which would totally be age appropriate. I think several of the activities would be fun too. It would certainly be worth a try and they're only $5!


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