these two


heney trail ~ cordova

sometimes (often times) they argue like an old married couple

about ridiculous things

like who gets to sit where in Papa's truck

and who Willie (the dog) likes better

and then, something like this happens

completely out of the blue

and I'm reminded that they really do love each other

these two


12 thoughts on “these two

  1. Oh, I love this so! It reminds me of my Henry and Annalee. Despite their penchant for quarreling, they used to say that they wanted to move to Canada together where they would own side by side condos and each would adopt a baby from a sibling pair from Africa.


  2. Wow! Now that is quite a plan. These two are definitely similar to yours. The do argue an awful lot….. but are both quite lost without the other. Now just to remember this sweet photo when I'm playing the negotiator part!


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