the watch cap

That sea.

It does flow through my veins and into my heart. Sometimes I am actually quite surprised to find so many bits of it in my life. It seems to weave its way through everything in some way. It is ever present…

Which is why this hat is just perfect. On Memorial Day, I sifted through patterns on ravelry. Thinking of some very special and gorgeous bulky yarn in my stash and the brown headed little one in my bunch. I stumbled upon this. It's a WWII hat pattern, very fitting to find on Memorial Day don't you think? It's got a Lighthouse Keeper or Fisherman Cap feel to it, especially knit up in bulky yarn. My modifications can be found on ravelry. And my oh my, do you just love the nearly instant gratification of knitting with bulky yarn!?

So here is a fairly ridiculous amount of pictures to share it with you. But you know… cute hat, cute kid, beautiful beach. I couldn't help myself. I hope you understand.

And of course, in fairness to my little man who is (mostly) ever so tolerant of his photo snapping mama, he would like you to see the last photo. Which looks like a young Popeye if you ask me. I guess the next generation has also got salty sea running through them…


watch cap


watch cap


watch cap


watch cap


watch cap


watch cap





4 thoughts on “the watch cap

  1. That hat is great! I’ve got two little ones who will need new hats this winter. I think that pattern is a winner. Popeye never gets old! Hopefully canned spinach does though. I can’t imagine eating that!


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