just this…..

just this


Here is a little view of my apartment. The front of it is v-shaped which sort of makes it feel like I'm in a boat. I love this. The big windows let in so much light…. even on the typical heavily clouded days here. I love that too.

Right now I'm watching the boats come in and listening to my little boy clean up legos.

He talks the entire time…. mostly under his breath and in several voices for each of his little lego pals.

The little girl is upstairs on her papa's lap. Watching the same boats and tired after a busy day of crafting, making friends and helping to clean boats. When you're nine, helping to clean boats might mean you go with the guys to the shop….. but end up inside Papa's office eating chocolate instead. She's a girl after my own heart, most certainly.

We're slowly bumping into friends at the grocery store and around town. This is always one of the things I love the most. This little town is my beginning. My first few months as a mama. The place that I met Joe. So many people I hold dear are here. The older I get, the more magic it holds.

I finished knitting a hat for Luke, which I'll share here tomorrow.

Tonight I think I'll finally get a moment to open this. Along with some tea and a bit of dark chocolate after I get the little ones to bed.

One last thing before I go…. I shared this over on mamalode. It is something I shared here with you a month or so ago, but I'd still love for you take a peek.

Goodnight friends.



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