kid built

My kids build stuff.

Crazy stuff. Sometimes they even drive me a tiny bit crazy with the stuff they build. 

They worked on this cart all day long.

With such determination.

After Joe gave them a roll-y cart, they were unstoppable. {You know, the wheeled thing mechanics lie on to slide under cars. Does it have a proper name?}

Joe and I got such a kick out of their attention to detail. Head lights, seat belts, opening doors, license plate….. and Sophie used a power tool for the first time!
















Upon completion Luke ran inside to find a bike helmet.

"Let's go Soph!" he yelled.

The maiden voyage was successful and they pulled each other up and down the sidewalk and street, laughing and making rumbling car sound effects.

Joe and I were grateful for the flat terrain we live in, for just this brief moment. I'm quite certain these two would have found a hill to zoom down if they could!

Oh my.


13 thoughts on “kid built

  1. Very cool! I really look forward to the day where my girls play together. Right now we’re still in the baby stage of play near by but not together.


  2. Thats awesome!! Makes me wish i was a kid again. Is that an Alaskan License Plate? lol BTW in that last pic there.. Luke looks EXACTLY like you!


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