looking back


Sam & I in Alaska, summer 1997


I shared a piece over on mamalode today.

It's about looking back on my own youth while navigating the waters of being a mama to two teenagers.

It's a bit serious & reflective.

But, you know, parenting is like that sometimes.

Mamalode is a site that pays writers per unique view.

So if you love it. Please share it. I would be ever so grateful.





21 thoughts on “looking back

  1. I’m so glad I linked over to mamalode today. I so often sigh and think…time to read more right now? Nope. But so glad I did. I feel like you just filled in some details that connect me to this space here that much more. Cheers!


  2. Loved the article. Women are strong and we can do what ever we put our minds to, don’t let anyone tell us differently.


  3. Beautiful, Stephinie. Loved it.
    I look at my big girl and see bits of myself, and I can’t imagine how surreal it’s going to be when she’s a teenager.


  4. I said this on Mamalode, but I’ll say it again here. You are beautiful and amazing! Even though our paths are a little bit different- I was young and unwed when I had my first born and felt the same feelings you expressed here. Seriously, this is one of my favorite essays ever. xoxo


  5. Thank you for the kind words! It was something I've been wanting to write about for so long, I love that it filled in some details in this space for you too. I'm always amazed by the sweet comments that roll in when I share something like this. Just amazing 🙂


  6. Your article brought back so many memories for me. My son (who turns 7 today) came into my life when I was 20 and I too was determined to show the world that I could be a grat parent inspite of my age. Beatifully written.


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