just this…..





some days are long

I know you have them too

you feel like you added more to the to-do list than you checked off

by 12:30 I knew today was one I'd be glad to tuck behind me

somewhere in the midst of it I tried to escape with my big girl for some sewing

(she's quite smitten with this)

it just didn't work out for me (mama duty called from the other room)

but somewhere in the midst of the chaos I decided I could at least sort scraps

my scrap pile had grown to about 3 feet

Joe has been referring to it as the elephant in the room

I sat on the floor and sorted & tossed

she sewed and talked

I really enjoyed just listening to her

watching her work her way through a pattern and sew up a garment

a garment!

it was the good moment of my day

now tell me, please tell me

what is your favorite thing to do with scraps?

I'd love to know


happy evening to you…..


12 thoughts on “just this…..

  1. scraps get repurposed to the collage and sewing baskets both at home and at school. eh….wish it was something more interesting…but that’s life with preschoolers, I suppose.


  2. I’ve got a huge pile of scraps. I find them really useful for small toys. I’ve been making up infant dolls for my shop with scrap fabric. Pot holders, toddlers skirts…


  3. I save decent-sized scraps for my youngest (she’s 3 1/2). She likes to cut them with her real fabric cutting scissors that are just for her. Sometimes, that is what she does while I get to do a bit of sewing.


  4. Currently, my favorite thing to do with scraps is look at them (sometimes even caress them) and dream of Someday…. 🙂


  5. I separated mine into strips and larger pieces. I'm thinking of doing some more wrap bowls when I get back from my parents house. I can't seem to part with any of them…. such a fabric loving junkie!


  6. Love Wendy’s reply lol! I spend more time doing that than anything else.
    I do let the kids dig into them, unless it’s a fabric I’m especially fond of. They make everything from small bags to hold their treasures to cloths for dolls and the oldest recently made some bracelets. I like to use them to make cute little appliques for my kids cloths, but rarely have the time. I’ve been wanting to try the wrap bowls too.


  7. ack, the scraps! i have a rather large tote bin full of them. it had grown even larger but then i learned to part with them- i offered all of my cotton scraps up for graps on freecycle and had multiple takers within minutes. but i still have quite a hard time parting with my hand-dyed eco fabric scraps.
    ps- i’ve been meaning to tell you i received the organic family cookbook but life has been busy around here- thank you so much! and the postcard is beautiful.


  8. wonderful 🙂 thank you for letting me know!
    I sat and sorted them into strips & squares. the smallish pieces and linen were tossed out.
    I have big dreams of some wrap style bowls and perhaps even a rug of some sort. I know I've seen some good info on making yarn from cotton strips to crochet or knit rugs. I've gotta try it at least once!


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