photography as therapy

By this time, I imagine I've shared enough pieces in this space for you all to know that we are a bit like modern day gypsies. At least, this is how I've romanticized the often difficult task of packing up this family of ours every two to four years and moving a couple thousand miles away.

What I want to tell you, is this: I don't always like to move. Joe doesn't always like to move. The same goes for the kids. As much as we have adored this journey, sometimes it is more work than others. When you have no idea where you will be living in 10 months time, it can make for a sleepless night here and there. A wee bit of stress.

This is where photography comes in for me. If I focus on the big picture, on everything…. sometimes it's just too much to take in. Too many distractions. Too many things I'm not exactly loving. Too many worries that I can do nothing about.

Take these pictures for example. That freeway at the end of my neighborhood, not my favorite thing. The construction zone that took over the bike trail, the flood (HESCO) baskets that line the swamp. None of those are especially lovely to look at.






But if I choose to zoom in on what I do love… my perspective changes. I can always find a little thing here and there. There is always a tiny piece of beauty.














If I spend all my time focusing on where I'd rather be, I miss the magic that is happening right in front of me in the here & now.

determined wildflowers

frogs singing

green grass

busy little honey bees

the laughter of my little ones

All of these are moments I will someday hold dear. I'll forget about the other stuff. And you know what? I don't always have to take it all on. None of us do. What an exhausting task that would be. 

But to take that deep breath and choose to focus on that ladybug… that is goodness for the soul. Indeed.


20 thoughts on “photography as therapy

  1. So true. I am constantly thinking about where I’d rather be, (in my own home as the owner not the renter). It’s so hard focus and be present. I am trying. Thanks for this post!


  2. Your photography is so gorgeous. You really are a talented soul.
    I can only relate to your cycle of moving via my sister. My brother-in-law just got a post at the embassy in Qatar. QATAR. They are moving from Alaska to Qatar! I’m trying not to wig out. The boys are staying behind for college, but my little niece and my sister are moving to the other side of the globe for at least 2 years! Ug. Hold me.


  3. This post really touched me. What you share so beautifully here contribute to this being one of my favorite places to stop by and visit. I’ ve so enjoyed going back through your archives. Feeling a lot of connection to you.
    Thank you for inspiring and sharing not only with me, but so many other kindred spirits in this world.
    xo Emily


  4. these pics take my breath away. You are an AWESOME photographer (my personal favourite is the daisies).
    It’s easy to tell you have an eye for taking pics…..keep it up!!!


  5. Thank you for the reminder of being in the present. I have been going through a lot of change lately and your “refocus” is inspiring to remember that the present is the most important thing.


  6. I know just the feeling KC. I get wrapped up in planning for our future…. thinking about our future… it's good to dream, but just as good to be firmly planted in this moment as well 🙂


  7. Thank you for the sweet words. It's a bit of magic to feel connected through writing & images that we share with with one another in these spaces. I'm truly grateful for all the visitors that come here and always humbled that something I share resonates with their soul. xo ~s


  8. Goodness, thank you for the sweet words. The daisies are my favorite too. Especially because in the background I can see my little guy standing on the trail. I am so grateful for this way of "seeing" that slipped quietly into my heart…. there is just so much beauty all around us if we look for it.


  9. love this post, stephinie. this is something i’ve constantly been thinking of lately, in large part because of the arrival of my girl. i’m trying to stop myself from looking ahead and wondering when will she smile? when will she be able to hold her head up? will i make it as a stay at home mom? etc etc. and instead focus on who she is now.


  10. it's tough to stay in this moment sometimes…. when I really get worried about the future I look around and think that everything so far has been good…. we've all survived and thrived and made it through…. so I suppose whatever comes will work itself out somehow. but those fingers are crossed to be a neighbor to a certain Mainer who inspires me 🙂


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