fluff & fleas

Well…. so… you have read the about me page right?

You know that part about bringing home furry creatures… I haven't exactly outgrown that.

I had a day of paperwork yesterday. I ran to Joe's office to fax some things and upon leaving was met with a ball of fluff in the parking lot. Someone had just taken him out from under the hood of their car. Thank goodness they looked! And this someone had no idea what to do with this little ball of fluff. Joe had seen him sleeping on his own for over a week. He was filthy, and missing fur. I had a good idea he had an army of fleas. I think he weighs a speck over a pound. But I'm a sucker. I mean look at that little face!






Fluff & Fleas

And so I took him home. In fact I hustled to the car before Joe came out of his shop so he didn't even have a chance to say no.

The poor little kitten was terrified. I wiped him down with a warm cloth and gave him a bit of food. That's when the purring starting. His purr is at least four times as big as him. Seriously. And he hasn't stopped purring since he got here.

Jasper our cat is not amused, and our dog Sid is trying to pretend he isn't here…..




But the kitten has other plans….




We've given him a bath, some flea medicine and he's got one huge appetite. All he does is purr. And due to him being all on his own… we thought we'd call him Solo. At least until we find him a good home and then his forever people can call him whatever they choose. We assume he got separated from his mama somehow. He's eating dry food with no trouble so he's probably 5 or 6 weeks old. He is the sweetest little ball of fluff ever. We've spread the word & have our fingers crossed.

Until then, he's got a warm place to sleep with more than enough love and food to keep him happy. Also, Sophie has a daily list that looks something like this….

1. play with kitten

2. feed kitten

3. brush kitten

4. ask Luke if he wants to play with the kitten

5. read with kitten


…..oh my!


16 thoughts on “fluff & fleas

  1. Omg that face is just adorable!!! Areyou sure you dont wanna keep him? lol He could be a great addition to your family 😀
    I rescued my Emma. She was about 5 weeks old when she showed up at my door with an ear infection and a broken tail. I took her in..fed her, loved her, bathed her ( was not her finest moment lol ) and now she’s my 20lb Emmy who hates everyone but me LMAO. Love that cat.


  2. Oh my gosh. Adorable!!! I’ve been missing my black cat lately. He adopted me. Ran into my lap while i was sitting in the front yard (gosh, fifteen yrs ago?) and stayed there until last year. And we are painfully aware that our remaining cat is 14. We’re talking potential dog to go with chickens in the fall.
    But man that little face is cuuuuuuuuuute.


  3. I wish we lived closer so I could nag el husband for Solo. Love the name and ooooh the purring of little cats, melt my heart! Enjoy!


  4. That cat has already chosen you! Good luck finding another forever home, because that kitty has intentions of staying.


  5. I’m considering get a pet for our family. As you know we’ve got a toddler and a 9 month old. Shou,d I wait until they are a little older? Do you think it matters when you bring a pet into the family? Plus I would be the main care taker as I am always home.


  6. Want to, of course! But we move to much to have more than the two animals we have. Plus I've never had a two house cat thing work out. They always start peeing outside the litter box. Major bummer. He's so cute & fluffy and such a spunky little ball of purring…. I'm sure we'll find him a place. Is Emmy the grey kitty? Must be something with those grey kitties being somewhat evil (Kisska!!)


  7. I would love you have Solo! I'm so hoping we find him the perfect family. He's so cute. And such a story he has! Joe said he'd been sleeping in an old armadillo hole/den near the shop. Dirtiest kitten I've ever seen. We bathed him yesterday and he fluffed right up. A puff ball of purring. Pretty darn sweet, for sure 🙂


  8. I always tell people a cat/dog is like a kid you can't into a hotel when you travel! lol We've had our dog 10 years and he's been amazing with two little people. Same goes for our cat of four years. I'm a big fan of male cats. They seem to be especially tolerant of loving kiddos. And they are easy to care for too. As long as you get a pet mostly because you want it, it will be a wonderful addition to your family 🙂


  9. I’m convinced that is the cutest kitten to be found in the whole world over. The one downside to school is that there is no such things as fur therapy, and sometimes you just need to cuddle with a little ball of fluff. Solo is a great name, and he just looks adorable.


  10. We found him a home! I’m so happy. They love his name too. And I totally know what you mean by fur therapy 😉 Sophia is currently doing her math with him purring and sleeping on her lap. Maybe there should be a borrow-a-kitty program for LSMSA?


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