weekend bits….







Thank you for your sweet words yesterday.

You never cease to amaze me with your kind hearts. Truly.

I should really be making dinner right now, but I'm pretending otherwise. It's been dark and rainy all day here. The sun just peeked out from behind the clouds & the kids ran outside, so I thought I'd leave you with a few weekend bits of inspiration…..

I just found this food blog, and I love it.

I love this headboard too.

New fluffy wool quilts in the shop. Luxurious~~~

This photography course looks amazing.

Mine is coming next week.

This floor is simply gorgeous (I can't wait to see more!)

I think Grandma's house needs garden flags this summer.

Has anyone used these?

And yeah, I'm smitten.

Hold On & I Found You  love, love, LOVE!!


Happy, happy weekend to you friends.




8 thoughts on “weekend bits….

  1. Alabama Shakes, love it! Grew up drinking out of mason jars, lids + straws = super cool w/Kids! Headboard is really cool too… good stuff! xoxox


  2. haven’t tried the mason lids=but we’ve been punching holes in our own for years for “on the go” glasses…


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