a little fairy house

We were inspired by this to build our own little fairy house……


a little fairy house


a little fairy house


a little fairy house


a little fairy house


We lined the metal tub with gravel, then soil. Luke chose some dianthus, irish moss & an un-known tree looking thing from the local garden center. After that, the kids did most of it on their own.

They crafted little stone & cork pathways and built a hill for the "tree" and a cave from a little pot.

They wandered the house & yard to find stones, shells and other little bits. The fairy pool (shell) always has fresh leaves or blossoms in it. The little gate & bird house are three summers old now and from this lovely little set.

I can hear the younger two chattering about who might visit it and how to make tables & chairs from corks and bottle caps. They've been drawing plans for elaborate furniture and thinking the outside of the bucket could use a ladder of some sort.

I think from here on out our garden needs a little magical fairy house to dress it up.

Do any of you also have some garden whimsy?


14 thoughts on “a little fairy house

  1. Love this! Fairy Houses get made around here mostly in Spring and Summer. Shells and rocks find their way into little spaces under beds of sweet woodruff and ferns. I love the details in this Fairy House, the paths, and hills, trees. Just beautiful.


  2. ooh, love it! What a great job they’re doing! Love the arbor! Way to think outside the “bucket”. A little play on words there, lol.


  3. What a fantastic thing! I look forswear to making one of those with my toddler one day! For now were considering adopting a garden gnome. We read the or rather viewed with book Goodnight Garden Gnome and it was really quite a hit!


  4. Raelee thinks that if somebody has a garden, they should have things for fairies in it too..lol After seeing your fairy garden, Raelee came right home and built her own, complete with a sweet potato plant (makes a great tree so far), grass, a tunnel, radish seedlings and a path. It’s very cute.


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