iced herbal tea

Today's forecast : Heat Index of 90 degrees

Iced tea season has begun.


iced herbal tea


Here is our very favorite way to make iced herbal tea. We could drink a gallon a day between all of us. The kids especially love any citrus or hibiscus flavored tea……

I tend to make a mild tea for frugality's sake. Especially since I add lemon, honey & juice concentrate to it. If you are making straight herbal tea, you may find you need a little more loose tea to acheive the flavor you are after.


iced herbal tea


iced herbal tea


our herbal tea

2 quart mason jars or heat safe container for steeping

1/3 cup loose herbs

2 TBSP honey

2 TBSP lemon or lime juice

2 TBSP high quality sugar free fruit concentrate, tart cherry is awesome


*add the herbs to one of the mason jars. fill 2/3 of the way with hot water. let steep for 10 minutes or longer, depending on the tea used. {some teas get bitter if steeped too long & others become more healthful, be sure to check the instructions} strain. add the honey, lemon/lime juice & concentrate. mix well. pour half the tea mix into each quart jar & top with water & ice. enjoy*

I find that a tiny hint of peppermint is very cooling. It isn't noticeable in the end flavor…. but it does taste so refreshing! Try adding a 1/2 tsp to the mix & see what you think!

I like mixing tonic blends & fruity blends. When using a tonic blend, please be sure it is safe for children.

Also, loose tea is by far the most affordable option. I use my seed sprouting strainer on wide mouth jars to strain it + toss it in the compost bucket! Check here and here for some really good quality teas that are organic, ethically harvested, & produced.

**edited to add that the peppermint should be peppermint tea, not oil or extract. a quarter tsp is plenty for a half gallon batch…. you can adjust accordingly for your own taste. enjoy!**  

16 thoughts on “iced herbal tea

  1. Sounds yummy! I need to make our drinks more often. I just drink water but the hubby like his mexican coke with sugar instead of corn syrup. He’s willing to not drink them if I make other things. I bought two lovely glass bottles to motivate. Now I need to get motivated!


  2. Heh. I’m drinking herbal iced tea right now, actually. I drink a quart every morning. My recipe is: in a french press put 1TBSP of each herb (red raspberry, dandelion leaf, nettle, oat straw, peppermint, parlsey, alfalfa), top with hot water, steep for two hours, press as needed. I add honey as I go and add ice to my drinking cup. My kids like it, but I limit the amount they have (mostly because this is my source of calcium/potassium/magnesium to prevent leg cramps).


  3. we love to brew sun tea. tea bags + water + jar+ hot, Texas sun = a small redeeming quality to the season that is inevitably settling in upon us. oh, wouldn’t be complete without lemon wedges and ice.


  4. Just made my first batch of iced tea today, and tried a fruit herbal blend for the first time. It was the first time I’ve experimented with iced tea and I’m excited by your ideas too. And, offering it to my kids — not sure if they would like it but I always encourage trying new things!


  5. What a wonderful combination of herbs! I wrote down πŸ™‚ I didn't have iced herbal tea until I was pregnant with my fourth…. and what a yummy way to get those nutrients into your body!


  6. Yes! I am considering ordering some half gallon glass jars for brewing/steeping. I'd really like to find a gallon sized glass jar with the spigot on the bottom. My mom had one when I was young & I loved cold black tea. Lipton. I never even added sugar to it… Makes it easy to pour straight from the fridge too. Maybe the thrifting fairies will toss one my way πŸ˜‰


  7. I hope you get hooked on it πŸ™‚ It's so good & good for you too. It's my favorite way to nurture myself with good herbs. So far my kids have really liked it…. I hope yours do too!


  8. the tea looks great. where do you get the juice concentrate from? ive never used it. the peppermint sounds delish.
    remind me + I can get you a big glass jar! remember the big pretzel jar from my mom?
    my parents get the jars from a friend’s shop. they’re actually for paprika, used in their restaurant.
    once they go thru the paprika, they save the jars for my parents.
    but you gotta remind me, I can’t remember anything lately!
    xoxo –


  9. I got the juice concentrate from Sandra's. I would love a jar!! LOVE one. I'll try to remember…. but I think my mind is just as slippery. I'm going to back to my high school days of writing notes on my hand! haha!


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