~mindful monday~

~mindful monday~


to be honest…. they are far to sweet for me….

but they still taste like childhood

and smell like the pine forests of Idaho

where I used to run wild as a kid

funny how one little thing can bring back such a flood of memories


tell me, what brings back these memories for you?


14 thoughts on “~mindful monday~

  1. Stopping at the bait shop on the way to Kuka’s and Grandpa’s summer place. I can even smell that bait smell. It meant we were almost there. We always got an ice cream for that last little bit. Now as an adult I realized it was proably so were weren’t looking for food as soon as we stepped out of the car.


  2. lately when i catch the late afternoon light coming through the windows, beaming off the tiny dust particles in the air, i’m taken back to the days of spending days on end at my grandparents house. they had a lofted ceiling with upper windows in their often dark living room…. with just the beams of light coming from those windows. it’s a magical feeling when you can ride that sensory mind trip into the past, isn’t it!?


  3. I spent my whole childhood running around the mesas of New Mexico so whenever I smell sage brush all the dry grass crunching dustiness comes back. I loved those days.


  4. Oatmeal. Every time I make oatmeal, or hot cereal as we called it, I think of my grandpa. He would wake up very early every morning and make a pot, an extra large pot when we were visiting.
    I remember walking downstairs before the sun was up, not sure if it was morning or night and peeking around the corner while still standing on the bottom step, just in case I had to scurry back up to bed. If I smelled the oatmeal and saw the pot on the stove I knew it was morning.
    Then, I’d give grandpa a kiss and he’d fix me a bowl with a little sugar and milk. I never stirred it all together, like my own kids do, because I loved that the milk was cold while the oatmeal was hot and I loved getting the little surprise pockets of sugar every few bites.


  5. you know those mimosa trees? with the fern looking leaves and alien pink fuzzy blooms? their sight and scent are my childhood.
    we looooooved your chocolate zucchini cake. i posted about it, it was just that good!


  6. Lily of the Valleys. There were many of them growing outside my childhood bedroom window. When I bought my current house 12 years ago, I transplanted some from my childhood home, under my master bedroom windows. Their scent ushers in spring every year for me.
    I’ve not had a klondike bar in years!


  7. I think we have them here! They do look strange. But beautiful too, yes. Like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. I am so glad you all enjoyed the cake. The photos were adorable!!


  8. It is amazing. It feels like our body holds the memories for us. Like they are part of us somehow. I love how they come back as if they had just happened and never had been forgotten. Beautiful~~


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