fresh turmeric + curry soup

So it was inevitable, after all, that I get Luke's crud.

I am currently craving sinus clearing spices of any kind and drinking green tea by the gallon. GALLON. Unfortunately it is one of those colds that quietly fills your lungs with gunk and is all ready in full swing before you even get a sore throat. Dang.

I plan to share some KCWC sewing with you over the weekend when I'm done with my sewing frenzy, but for now, let's talk about turmeric. Have you ever seen fresh turmeric? I hadn't before last week. I found it at the health food store when I happened to be in town on a Tuesday. This happens to be the very best day to be there because they have freshly stocked the produce section for the week. Explains the slim pickings on my usual Monday visits. Anyhow… this is what it looks like….


fresh turmeric


Sort of like skinny ginger root. And even though it goes for about $14 a pound, this nice sized piece was under $2. I only used half of it in my soup. I can live with that. I found some good info on fresh turmeric here. It's essential in curry. It's got a sweet mild heat sort of similar to ginger. It looks like a carrot on the inside and grates up really nicely. It doesn't get woody and stringy like ginger root. It boosts the immune system, aids digestion, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, it's a pretty color. I really like it.


fresh turmeric


fresh turmeric


And since I think spices and vegetables and onions and garlic are all good medicine for a chest cold. I turned it in to soup. It was delicious.



fresh turmeric


I think soup is always one of those things that should be made with a loose recipe and whatever you have hanging around in your kitchen. It's especially good for the purple-ish thing you bought that you thought was a yam, but upon peeling it found it to be white?! Whatever, into the soup pot it goes. (does anyone know what kind of potato that was?)

So here you go, a loose recipe for mild curry veggie soup.


3 sweet potatoes (cooked until tender in just enough water to cover them)

2 onions

3 cloves garlic

2×3 inch piece of ginger, grated

2×1 piece of turmeric, grated 

1 quart veggie or bone broth (stock)

1 large bunch chopped greens (I used chard)

3 cups cooked white beans (I used baby lima beans)

1/2 c almond or peanut butter (I used almond)


saute the onions in a splash of coconut or olive oil in a large soup pot, when tender and translucent add the garlic, ginger & turmeric. stir & smell the lovely aroma.

pour in the potatoes with their water & add the quart of stock.

add the beans & chopped greens and cook until beans are just wilted. (medium-low heat)

use a bit of water or some of the broth from the soup to thin the nut butter, then stir it into the soup.

season with a bit of salt & crushed red pepper.

you can certainly add some dried spices to amp up the curry flavor, but is deliciously simple just as it is.

this feeds five people a hearty dinner (with a loaf of crusty bread or over rice) + a light lunch the next day


fresh turmeric




6 thoughts on “fresh turmeric + curry soup

  1. Maybe it’s a purple potato“““““Hope you get to feeling better real soon. How is Luke doing?


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