weekend bits….

weekend bits


First, on a completely random note, I love it when dragon flies hitch a ride while I'm paddling. I mean love.

We're making a fairy garden next week.

I miss my boy. I can't wait for summer.

It's pouring down rain and thundering outside. But I don't mind one bit. I'll be cutting fabric all weekend to gear up for this next week. Remember last year? Do you have a favorite easy kid clothing pattern? Do share!

This looks delicious. (thank you Heather for sharing!)

And those first zucchini? It's a toss up between this and this.

This lady can draw, and she makes me laugh.

Also…. sheepishly… I wanted you to know I updated my about page. And there is a picture of me on there… in my garden…. sipping a beer. I'd love you tell me what you think… even it's something like "dang, you're long winded Stephinie!" And also if you have some burning question to ask me…. do it. You know like, can I stand on my head or hop on one foot while drinking coffee?

Okay, back to the pile of fabric that needs cutting….


8 thoughts on “weekend bits….

  1. Very cute. In the garden with a micro brew, love it 🙂 Do you or your husband brew your own?
    I’m doing the kids clothing week for the first time this year and only because my girls want to make some of their own clothes. I hope we can get a few things done without too many tears. We’re probably going to stick with simple skirts and tracing pants to make some pj shorts, but I’m so inspired by all the adorable stuff I’ve seen already.


  2. We do make our own beer & wine. It's a fun hobby for sure. What a great idea to get your girls involved in the sewing. Perhaps my own will want to do the same… I'll be suggesting it to them now, thank you for the idea. I think skirts & pajama bottoms are perfect. I've seen some cute easy bucket hats too. Sewing for Boys has one if you can find that at your library. Happy sewing!


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