it’s like this…..

it's like this.....


My poor sweet boy has been coughing all week.

all. night. long.

Which means Joe & I have gotten a negative amount of sleep.

At least that's how we feel.

Having a wiggly coughing little one who can't sleep means he's certain to end up in your bed. Sleeping upside down and sideways and on top of you. And somehow in the midst of all of that you're so tired that by night three you sleep with your head twisted in a funny direction and wake up with a sore stiff neck and Dr. Evil skills. You know, you have to turn your whole body to look at something….

Last night the cough was bad enough I finally pulled the humidifier out from the closet. Joe & I made an enormously big to-do about how he had to sleep in his very own bed all night so that he could breathe in the magic mist. Scented with eucalyptus. Good stuff. That and a few spoon fulls of honey mixed with apple cider vinegar and a half dose of motrin. And you know what? That kid slept 12 hours without a single cough! He was surprisingly good about the sweet & sour mixture and it has certainly taken the edge of his seal bark. I think we're on the mend…..


it's like this.....


it's like this.....


If you're interested, we mixed equal parts of good local honey & raw apple cider vinegar. I gave him two spoon fulls at bedtime. I'll be giving him a spoonful every couple of hours throughout the day. Both apple cider & honey help with sore throat, coughs & congestion. Some details here.

Here's to good health & a happy weekend.

(ps ~ Joe read this post at lunch and said it looked like Luke was having a beer with his breakfast…. "of course," I told him. No, not really, it's cranberry emergen-c. I'm sure you weren't worried.)


6 thoughts on “it’s like this…..

  1. oh come on steph.. .we know youre feeding that child some beer!! lol jk.
    poor kiddo! glad he was able to sleep all night. hope hes feeling much better. sorry for no caps here where needed. im one handed typing currently lol


  2. it's a good recipe to have on hand…. i saw one with fresh ginger in it too & a recipe for adding a few teaspoons full to hot tea with a splash of lemon. sounds like a good sore throat drink to sip!


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