finding center

The last few weeks have been so very full.

Travel, visitors. Incoming & outgoing. Just very, very busy.

As much as I loved every bit of it, I must admit I am happy to be settling back into our everyday. Today we spent most our time cleaning up the house, doing laundry and putting clean sheets on all the beds.

I've been lost in a lot of deep thought these past few days and weeks. Sometimes life pulls the rug right out from under your feet, you know? And even when it's in a good sort of way you still grab hold of something to find your balance, to find your center. This time I found it when we stopped into our farm. We hadn't seen our farmers in weeks and we were met at the driveway by the usual tail wagging dogs and smiling folks. We waited as Karen warmed bottles and brought us all out to meet the babies….




We oohed and ahhhed and huddled around five sweet week old baby goats in the little shelter as the kids bottle fed them. The wind whipped around us as Karen shared the stories of their births with my kids who listened as they squealed with delight at the sweet little babes. As the mud and hay stuck to my sandals I felt myself sink back into the earth. I felt grounded, centered. Right where I am. After we played with the babies we went inside to collect our goods. Kale, collards, strawberries, beets, lettuce, spinach, eggs and four of the very first green zucchini of the year. Oh those zucchini…. we haven't had them since last fall! Karen told us all that would be ready in the coming weeks as the season began to pick up and the summer crops started producing. So much to look forward to…..

We said our goodbye's and loaded up the car. I left the farm as I always do. With bags of nourishing food and happy children. A little more in love with this life. And full of gratitude for hard work and good people.


2 thoughts on “finding center

  1. Wow, zucchini already! That’s awesome. Whenever I feel out of control and I see it in my toddlers behavior I know it’s time to clean up! A good overhaul is always refreshing.


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