right now i am

right now i am


planning a picnic dinner for our paddle trip tonight

finally unpacked from our trip

looking at a pair of tickets to see her again (& again) to make sure they're reallly sitting in an envelope on my counter. oh my.

smitten with this song…. and this one too… are they cute or what?

happy to be signed up for this with a friend, Heather is truly amazing

enjoying the recipes & beautiful photography in this

loving this, and this, and this, and these

collaborating on this inspiring Pinterest Board with some lovely folks

sipping this iced, with a bit of honey…. divine

planning for this, this & this to be on the menu next week, yum

drooling over this and wishing I was here this August (so I could meet Denyse)

sharing an article on birth affirmations in this lovely new space, do take a peek

wishing you all a very happy bit of weekending


(ps – the fabricworm giveaway winner was announced here!)


7 thoughts on “right now i am

  1. Lovely links you have shared…all of them 🙂 Thanks for sharing the collaborative board. That paddle trip and picnic sounds magical and you shared such a special gift idea to a mother-in-waiting on your guest post. Beautiful. -heather


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