i sit and watch these busy little bees and dream of a someday farm, garden, rows upon rows of flowers. i think of honey and putting up the harvest. of chickens laying fresh eggs. my heart feels good to carry this dream…..



we’re away visiting family in upstate new york this week, but I’ve pulled together a few photos and little bits to share while I’m away…. I’ll return comments & emails when we’re home~~


4 thoughts on “:wednesday:

  1. That is the good life. I hope & pray that that dream comes true for you. I miss it & loved it. Nothing like cleaning out the chicken coop.
    Hope you are all having a great time. XO


  2. I appreciate the hope & love….. every little bit helps the dream along! We're getting settled back in at home and you know? There is no place like it…. no matter where it is.


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