some gardening bits….

I thought maybe you'd like to see what's going on in our little suburban garden…….




















The last week has seen me rearranging, weeding, harvesting, and such.

We've been pulling up beets & carrots from the garden. Those purple carrots have bright orange centers and are the most beautiful carrot I've even seen. We love them.

We've had grasshoppers and some sort of caterpillar snacking on our chard & beet greens. I'm hoping we've mostly gotten rid of them. We've been plucking and squishing daily. One thing I noticed is that nothing bothered with the beet greens next to the cilantro patch, nor do they seem to love arugula like me. So I've tucked some cilantro and arugula in the corners of most of the beds in hopes of deterring the hungry little visitors.

New plants are going in and seedlings are sprouting up. I love wandering out there after a thunderstorm to check on everything. The contrast of the dark damp soil and new green sprouts make me smile. It's taken time… but I'm slowly loving this humble little suburban garden of ours. Having little ones squeal with handful of homegrown carrots they unearth fills my heart right up. They are so proud of everything they bring to the table.

What's going on in your garden?


12 thoughts on “some gardening bits….

  1. Beautiful carrots! I have yet to get a single usable carrot. And my lettuce is bolting and getting bitter already. We did pick up some gorgeous and quite large tomato plants from the farmers market that are supposed to be early producers, so I’m super excited about that. Also getting beds ready for all of my seed babies.


  2. this makes me smile- hopefully our little suburban garden will look this healthy and delicious in two months! ours looks very similiar with the generous sized boxes on concrete and pavement. here in connecticut we just planted beets, carrots, kale, swiss chard, spinach, and snap peas. very interesting observation about the cilantro, perhaps i’ll add a few portable pots of it to our garden this year. thanks for sharing!


  3. Beautiful & soooo proud. Garlic is known to help deter pests, also. Those beets are a nice size for pickling.


  4. Bummer on the carrots…. our lettuce was bolting too. We just pulled it all up & started a fresh batch. I'm hoping to get a few baby green salads before the real heat kicks in. I bought tomatoes at Native Sun. Nothing fancy. Creoles & Early Girls. I wasn't planning on doing a garden this year since we're headed to Alaska for 7 weeks….. which is why I should not have stopped in to "look" at the nursery. Silly me!


  5. I love knowing you're gardening over pavement too…. you gotta do it where you can, right? All your plants sound so yummy….. you'll be eating from the yard before you know it 🙂


  6. Up here in the north country, The shrubs are budding, the grass is greening and the spring bulbs are flowering. Thanks to record Temps and no snow! Still to early to plant the main garden. Eric and I have been working the soil and day dreaming of fresh vegi’s. Oh how I would love to gnaw on a fresh carrot!


  7. I'm so glad you guys are doing a garden…. there is nothing like eating from your own land (or driveway, or whatever) and I love having fresh herbs to cook with. So good 🙂


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